Corona Virus:Man caught disposing medical coverall by the roadside

Man caught  disposing the medical coverall used in burying Late  Mallam Abba  Kyari . Earlier today the remains of his body was buried at Gudu cemetery ,Abuja.His interment took place shortly after an Islamic prayer was conducted for him at the Defence House, Maitama, Abuja. It  was reported that some top government officials participated in the burial rites which were conducted under the supervision of the officials of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

However, after wearing  the  medical coverall used to lower the body of kyari into the grave , their was no proper  means to assemble the people for post burial sanitization, no prearranged plan to dispose the coverall. The man in the video was seen disposing the coverall in an improper manner by the road side ,and this could cause a great danger to the public when come in contact with. He was seen pulling off and dumping his personal protective equipment PPE used during the burial of Abba Kyari, today, Nigerians took to social media to react as many stated that the PPE was not disposed properly.

Consequently, it was something  of a big risk because it could have been contaminated and someone could come in contact with the PPE .His car and the people he will make contact with would also be prone to contracting the disease .From his car door handle to the steering, might be a very source of the dreaded infection.

Note that like all surfaces, body of a deceased can spread the virus

Experts advise that a limited number of people have access to the body and they should be careful in its handling

According to  Dr Nrashant Singh, associate professor and programme leader at the Department of Forensic Sciences at Amity University, Dubai, told Gulf News:

 “When an individual dies of Covid-19, the virus that is within him remains within as all physiological processes that could account for the spread completely stop. However, the patient’s body surface like his clothes, hands etc where the virus lurks will be very much a source of infection as the virus continues to remain active on inanimate surfaces for several hours.”

Dr Singh said under the circumstances, it is advised that the body be disposed of under controlled conditions, either through burial or cremation as soon as possible.

Below is a video of the man pulling off his PPE that has gone viral on social media.

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