Dark Treasures PT 1

I was abandoned, beaten and despised, ridiculed, rejected and kicked away, told to go my way.

I faced shame, I couldn't hear my name,I saw pain, I wasn't the same. I looked to the sky, it looked wet and cloudy, I realized my tears were all i saw.

The cold bit my bones, my teeth danced to the rhythm of the silence of the dark night.

But in a matter of time, the dark became my light, the night became my day, I found warmth in cold, kindness to me was bitter.
I found peace in war, bad guys became my best friends.

Evil was the melody I wanted to hear, the spooky hands of death became my guide.

Showing me the rope and the fan, the knife and the gun, the river and the bridge, the train tracks and the motorways.

Even if your God wants me, what can he offer? Better still, what can I offer? After all, I hear you say light and dark have nothing in  common. How then can you say your God loves me?

Written by:
Faith Igbinosa
0813 659 6521

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