Falling and remaining in love

Falling and remaining in love

Love and relationship are opposite side of the same coin, because love can't exist without relationship. Although the nature and essence of love is a subject of frequent debate, due to its exaggeration, and to some, its now a cliche while to others, it only exist when there is money involved, because they believe money can buy anything including love.

What the is love?
There is no consensus and worldwide agreed definition as so many have attempted to define it from their own point of view. The ancient Greek philosophers identified the various kind of love, which are; familial love(storage), friendly or platonic love(philia),romantic love(Eros), guest love(Xenia) and divine love(Agape).

Aristotle defines love as a condition of absolute value as opposed to relative value, Gotfield Leibniz said that love is to be delighted by the happiness of another, Mcharbaba stated that in love, there is a feeling of unity and an active appreciation of the intrinsic worth of the object of love.The list is endless.

To me, I will say that love is to life what scent is to rose, because love is life and loving is living, it is the spices of life, it adorns life as the cloud decorates the skies, it causes the heart to bump honey to the soul. It strengthens the weak and weakens the strong sometimes. Without love, life taste bland and success is empty. It is sweet and legal because God did it first.

But in all never mistake love for foolishness, because the virtue of true love is not finding the perfect person but loving the imperfect person perfectly.Faults are thin where love is thick because love covers many faults and weaknessness and sees the goodness in the object of love instead of the flaws.

Falling in love is like a step out of a journey of a thousand miles, cause it is very easy, unconditional and briskly embraced, some it takes a second, some months, while some, a more longer time, but what distinguishes love from infatuation and lust is the test of time, that is, remaining in love, in essence, what happened after that first attraction,confession and acceptability.

Remaining in love needs working out'  from both parties. If the qualities of love is judiciously followed, and that first attraction passes the test of time, then the love is true.

If the whole essence and hallmark of your relationship is all about then you  do not have a relationship but a 'sexship', the hallmark of every true relationship should be love. Love should not end the day you say 'I do'.
Communication is very poignant in growing and remaining in love, as communication is to relationship what blood is to the body, when communication stops, the relationship starts dieing and love diminished. In communication, words carry 7%, body language 55% and tone of voice 38%, so be careful so u don't pass a wrong message while trying to communicate. Express yourself freely, don't expect your partner to "suppose to know", he/she is no "mind reader". Know that love corrects and not condemn.Learn not to diminish the self esteem and pride of your partner by your words and attitudes, rather encourage them always , magnify their strength and let it overshadow their weakness and flaws at all times.

Written by:
Lilian Akaeze
0810 940 2845

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