Jail break: 2 inmates escaped while 6 others shot at sapele prison

A jailbreak was reported on Tuesday April 29, at the Nigerian Correctional Service custodial centre in Sapele, Delta State, few days after the same facility was set on fire by inmates who were protesting against an alleged ill-treatment.

An uproar started in the prison facility, when some of the inmates were granted amnesty by the state government. It was reported that recently, the state government granted 150 inmates across the state amnesty as part of the measure to contain the spread of Corona virus.

However ,the inmates revolted and protested. They described it as ‘selective amnesty’, insisting they all deserved equal treatment as prisoners.

It was gathered two inmates successfully escaped from the facility, while 6 others were shot and rushed to Sapele Central Hospital for treatment.

Daily Trust reported that the unidentified inmates scaled through the high wall of the women wing of the Sapele facility in  the early hours of Tuesday, through tables laid to aid their escape before security could be mobilized.

Also, a security personnel who confirmed the incident said;

"The prisoners are totally misinformed, they thought that COVID-19 amnesty granted was for every one. So they are insisting it is for all of them.
“How can the amnesty be for all of them, when we have murderers, rapists, and other high level criminals among them? There are conditions for the amnesty and they should know that.”

The NCoS Public Relations Officer in the state, Onome Onowakpoyeya also confirmed the incident. He stated;

“Yes, it is true. Two inmates escaped in the early hours of Tuesday and six were maimed; they were shot while attempting to escape too and they have been hospitalised.”

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