Marketing Concept: The foundation and the present marketing concept

Marketing goes broadly as an academic study, career choice and even in our daily activity .This goes to show that most likely we have been marketers one way or the other,but a good Knowledge of the concept "Marketing" will help us in any aspect of marketing we find ourselves.

Marketing to a layman may just be the act of selling goods, we won't say it's totally wrong but it only depicts a part of marketing or most likely an archaic concept of marketing.Marketing as defined by the American Marketing Association(AMA) as the activity,set of institutions and process for creating,communicating,delivering and exchanging items of VALUE for customers,clients,partners.Value as highlighted in dis definition contradicts the layman man's thought of goods,because services ideas has value and can thus be marketed.

According to Phillip kotler it is the satisfying of needs and wants through the exchange process hence sales of Items of values is the "Exchange Process",this Process is then aimed at satisfying Wants and needs of individuals.

All definitions settles down to understanding that marketing begins with identifying wants with needs then creating,communicating and exchanging  items of value to satisfy those wants we needs with this. Marketing using exchange to accomplish it's main aim of satisfying needs and wants but as a matter of fact marketing had not really been originated to take satisfying of wants and needs as its main aim.

The present marketing concept which adapts and implements this definition had gone through processes of evolvement from various concepts with this, we briefly look out the concepts of marketing which had evolved to the present concepts being adapted.

There were actually times were marketing was mainly seen as producing only, selling only and other misconceptions.The present marketing concept had evolved from the initial production  concept,through the product concept ,the selling concept now to the present societal marketing concept being utilised by countries,firms and individuals.A Brief show on the concepts goes thus:

Production concept:This concept portrayed that marketing should be centred on production that people would buy products that are readily available that is it portrayed large quantities at lower prices.

Product concept:This concept contradicted that of  the production concept. It portrayed that marketing should be centred on the product quality. It showed that individuals would purchase best quality regardless of the  price.

Selling concept:This concept is one of which few persons and firms still hold on to.It portrayed that marketing should be centred on making sales, that an individual  would make purchases of a product that the firm presents, advertises and makes promotions  toward selling.It considered activities like adveritisng, sales promotions, pricing offs and other activities geared toward increase sales.

All these concept  lacked clearly the consideration  of Individual wants and needs and even the societies expectations which brought about the present concept "the societal marketing concept "

This concept was firstly just the marketing concept which covers the ideas of previous concepts and lots more. For a fact people purchase goods due to quantity,quality and sales promotions as alighted by previous concepts.The marketing  concept goes into research to know the needs and wants of the society or consumer and producing to satisfy them in accurate quantity and quality and at best prices. It also considers promotions to enhances sales,it combines activities of various concept towards the achieving of its objective that is satisfying wants and needs.

It was later termed societal marketing concept when the need to gather for the society came in .A Good marketing concept should pursue it's objective and do so with consideration to needs of the society which includes ,providing eco-friendly products and societal welfare.

After Knowing the concept and Excitement of Marketing We should consider it's Objective .If you had been Following this Write up you should know that with the present concept being adapted, emphasizes on satisfying needs and wants of Individuals.This is the major objective but it goes a little more .They are alighted thus:

Maximisation of Profit: Every Business enterprise engaged in must go with the aim of making Profit.This is act over through consumer satisfaction  and increase production.

Maximisation Life Quality: Marketing system improves life quality of individuals by offering quality foods and sevices.

Maximisation of choice :This is made possible by production, when research is made on the need or want of a consumer varieties of products are made available to meet that need.

Maximisation Of consumer Satisfaction: This is the core of the present marketing concept.Research production are all centered at satisfying individuals , acknowledging their wants and needs and making production towards meeting it.

With this we should Know that Marketing is a very important aspect to be considered

One Last thing I would want to impact is the steps to being a good marketer. After much Knowledge on Marketing, we should still be able to act on the knowledge by knowing the key steps to follow.

1.Statement Of objective.
2.Strengths Weakness and Opportunities Threats
3.Targeted Market Strategy
4.Marketing Mix
6.And lastly Controlled Analysis

We all know that anyone who fails to plan,plans to fail, so the very first step of being a good marketer is stating  your objective, then you highlight your strength weakness Opportunities and threats in the stated venture it helps you know the amount of efforts to assert on each aspect afterwards you pick a suitable startegy.For example, a direct sale strategy is needed for services and more of channels are needed in products especially products of greater durability .

A Sound Knowledge on the marketing mix which are the 7 P 's of marketing (Price, Product, Place, Promotion, Packaging, People and Politics) .A good knowledge on these and how they affect your endeavour will help out a lot as a good marketer.

With instance considered on politics as when the political structure of a society is on dictatorship ,a marketer should know that his services should be strategically  implemented ,hence sanctioned from the government cannot be questioned.

It's just about understanding the present state of each P's and how it relates to your enterprise
Implementation simply means doing what has been stated, how it has been stated.

Lastly is controlled Analysis this is the check in the progress at each level to guarantee success and reduce deviation  from the stated Objective
In conclusions marketing is not just a concept for specified persons .I believe everyone is suppose to be a good marketer because at one point or another we will need to apply some or major part of good marketing knowledge.

It has been a really great pleasure pouring my hearts out on the foundations  Of "Marketing" How it is seen in its society and I hope from now hence forth We all become good Marketers because it enhances success all round.

Written by:
Chinedu Okoji
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