I honestly have no one!
Like I had someone, but
I feel the conservatory in my stomach is now full of dirt and shit.

Is it?
Was it that you lost your job, as such took away the job of the cleaner too,
Or did he resign?
Why would he?
Was it a she, Why?
You weren't a good boss!

I really don't know
I think this is from my family
My family's nickname is NEGLECT.
I told you right!
My siblings also aren't all that.
They Wait!
Let's start from my big sis
_Confidence_ - My second mother as should be, Hell No
She left and leaves me at the point I need her most.
Not to talk of-
_Care_ - oooops. I lost this sibling about 10years ago, He died in the hands of nobody.
My family is a family of six.
I would just stop here.

But, each day I wake,
I am grateful for the only sibling I have that really Loves me.
Pain, you have been with me through thick and thin and I know we are a team. You are my backbone.
I sleep and wake to you.
You give me the assurance of "you are no alone".
You really are my twin soul.

I really do not know how to say?
But, let's be family
Let's extend our household.
Let our siblings become one.
I have just one left - HAPPINESS.
I know PAIN might disagree with her,
But give her a chance at least.
It's a decision you and you alone have to make.


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