Man has always believed that there is an invisible supernatural force that influences the affairs of his life. Some sect may claim that man lost his fellowship or union with his creator in his debut abode which is called Eden. Man's search for this invisible supernatural force (which we can call his creator or originator) has been an old adventure that man embarked on from time immemorial right from when he lost this contact. Man, as a rational thinker and a philosophical being has questioned his existence, his environment and the happenings around him. Man has also questioned many things generally, about the life  he lives. Such questions may include but not limited to: how he came to be, what or who is the invisible force that influences the happenings around him and his entire life, his purpose for being, how he should live, what the realm he exists in is, how long he'll stay or live, what will be after he is gone, where he will go, and lots more. As a result of a pulsating desire to find answers to these debilitating and conflicting questions, man's search for his creator became ipso facto.

These curiosity became pivotal and gave rise to the advent of what we know and can call religion today. The various experiencially confirmed flickering answers to these questions are what gave rise to the various religions of the world today. The Islamic, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, shintoism, Taoism, confusianism, and the list goes on. Having laid this foundation, let me bring you to the definition of the term "RELIGION".
According to the English dictionary, the term religion can be defined in the following ways:
As the  belief in a spiritual reality (often including at least one deity), accompanied by practices or rituals pertaining to the belief.
A particular system of such belief, and the rituals and practices proper to it.
Any practice to which someone or some group is seriously devoted.
Faithfulness to a given principle; conscientiousness.
According to Karl Max, "Religion is the opium of the masses". He went further to opine that religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of  soulless conditions. Religion is the impotence of the human mind to deal with occurrences he cannot understand.

Religion is the end of man's search for his creator. One truth I know is that every religion recognizes their creator but the approaches to reaching him is the dividing line. This is exactly what poses a dichotomy between various religions for the tussle for genuineness,   authenticity or appropriateness.
This fight has been on for decades after decades and never seem to end. Appallingly, it has made man lost his sense of humanity and ushered in religious intolerance, rejection and even defaming of one religion by another. Because of the differences  in their approach to the creator or their means to finding the creator. While many believe in some practices like purification, circumcision, specific postures to pray, certain sanctimonious excesses, traits, gestures, symbolism, etc. As means of expression of piety to the creator.
Brian Tracy said and I strongly agree "whatsoever you believe with conviction is your reality".

In essence and from a more personal standpoint, I believe and suggest that whatsoever works for anyone  should be upheld. If it doesn't work or show results and proofs, one won't be lavishing his limited time doing it. Religion introduced the concept of what is good for one may be bad to another. Secondly, what works for one may not work for another and thirdly, what one calls moral may be what another calls immoral. In either ways, morality is totality dependent on one's sense of judgment and state of mind. This discrepancies and differences is what I think has spurred one man's  rejection of another man's religion and set the ground for the religious battles and clashes as we see today.
Would I say religion has done more harm than good to man?
Man hating man because man made use of his rationality and discretion to choose for himself the way he meets his maker at his own volition. Religious extremism and fanaticism becomes the order of the day whereas, the maker seats in his imaginary abode and watch the drama.

At some point, we become hostages and when we accept that, that's when we make up our mind.
As I draw the curtain on this discourse, it is my pleasure to besiege you that you should let people do what works best for them in spite of your indifference. Let not our differences in belief systems, lead us to destroy our sense of humanity and kill our fellow men for choices they made. We're humans and no one is superior to another. No religion is superior to another if only we understand that we have one creator and we're doing exactly the same thing in different ways.

I am Poetherapist and it's my pleasure sharing my thoughts with you. Peace.

Written by : Bertha Moseph Kingdavid (aka Poetherapist)

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