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Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Soundcheck is done, lights are up, the stage is set, the crowd is waiting, other performers are ready.....

Rehearsals are over, no time for retakes, don't stay too long, or your space will be empty....

The cameras are set, lights flashing, people cheering, and the music slows down....faintly.....

Its time to prove yourself and show all you got, flaunt all you worked for....

That stage is yours, own it, do it like you've been here before....
Slouch and withdraw in fear of what you'll hear, from the spectators, what for?

Do it like there's only one kind of you, with a demeanor of temerity.
Cook up your sauce with a taste of your spice served in all dexterity.

Who can stop you? No one has such audacity.

Written by:
Faith igbinosa
0813 659 6521

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