Sometimes the unarmed but brave have the greater power. Who doesn't love a tale of courage? They pop up in all cultures, traditions and eras, from shepherd boy David facing down giant Goliath, to Gilgamesh defeating monster humbaba, to harry potter and friends confronting deadly lord voldemont.
There is something exhilarating about individuals, pitted against the odds, rising above fear and narrow concerns about self-preservation, and wen life provides examples of valour, our faith in human nature, in the possibility of virtue is enhanced.

What then is courage? To Aristotle, it is a virtue, the greatest quality of the mind. For Richard avramanko, its the primary means by which human raise themselves out of their individualistic, isolated and materialistic existence. In other words, courage reveals that which inspires us to overcome ourselves, and it is the self-overcoming character of courage that makes it so poignant.
Physical bravery attracts most attentions, winning honours and awards, but courage takes many forms- moral,intellectual, political, social, emotional, psychological, spiritual......

You have to pluck up your courage to express ideas that are not majority opinion, or to face the hostility or ridicule that may accompany departing from social norms. Because, with all been said and done, the greatest form of courage remains, coming out of ur comfort zone and familiar environment, and standing by ur beliefs and ideas regardless of societal opinions and unconventionality, rising above ones circumstantial and situational societal placement, forging ahead even when being scorched  by the fire of brainless and spineless terminologies , not coveting the applaud and approval of supposed wisdom people, but looking ahead and going with all conviction of the rightness of ur course.
Often we call the brave fearless, but courage isn't fearlessness, it is conquering fear regardless of its suffocating effect, if there is no fear to start with,there is no need for courage.Admitting we are afraid can make us feel small, but often, the first step towards being brave is to feel fear, then doing the things we are afraid of anyway. In praising fearlessness, we may be making a virtue of deficiency.

However, it is pertinent to understand that courage often goes with passion and compassion, as most courageous people 'follows their hearts' which controls their emotion. Without these, the act of courage may become a travesty of empty acts of bravery in the quest for accolades and societal recognition and approval where humanity and morality takes the back seat.
A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer.(persistence in adversity).his actions goes further to elicit courage in others, it is positively infectious, even in the worst, most hopeless seeming of situations.

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