The reality of the Covid-19 pandemic

“Take him out, take him out”! Jesse screamed at flora to take little Bob-who was already crying at the top of his voice-away from the room. Though she was a doctor yet she panicked because she had never seen anything like this until few weeks ago. “relax Jay relax! Just take a deep breath and you’ll be fine”! panic was all over her as she put a call through for an ambulance. She was scared, not just for her husband Jamal, but also for her son Bob and her sister in-law who came around to baby sit Bob because she has been spending all night and day at the hospital. She rushed home with her protective wear and mask on her, she didn’t have time to change after receiving the distress call from her sister-in-law flora. flora should have called me immediately she noticed Jay with the symptoms she thought. This isn’t the time for blames, no this isn’t! turning to Jamal who was already shaking and coughing profusely, she rushed to get the first aid kit from under the kitchen sink to provide Jamal with a face mask and… the sound of the ambulance parking outside made Jesse rush for the front door and stepping out immediately.

“Hi my name is doctor Rake, doctor Jesse Rake. My husband seems to be infected"

“Where is he”?

“He’s in the living room”

“Ma’am we’d like you to remain outside while we go get him”

“My son and sister in-law are upstairs”

“Ma’am we’ll get them out, just remain here”

Trying her best to remain calm in order to not attract the attention of some nosy neighbors across the street, she sat on a sit-like concrete beside the flowers. she knew what this meant and its implication on the family. There’s an eighty percent chance that flora and Bob could be infected. “oh God! What is happening? My Bob and Jay… and flora! I don’t want them to be amongst the statistics. Bob is only 18 months would he survive it? Can they fight it”? Jesse muttered under her breathe as tears rolled down her cheeks.

 “Careful’’ said one of the para-medic to the other one as they rolled jay to the van. Jesse stood up wiping her tears immediately and keeping her distance. The first para-medic turned towards her to have a word.

 “Ma’am, a team would be coming here to pick up your little boy and the nanny”

“No, it’s my sister in-law, my son’s aunt”

“Forgive me ma’am but a team will be here shortly to take them to our center for suspected cases. You have nothing to worry about, they’ll be properly taken care of”

Jesse knew this would happen, so she let out a sigh but this time it wasn’t a sigh of relief.

After two weeks of struggle and saving lives in the ICU, Dr Kone rushed in and told her that her husband requests to see her. Dropping everything and rushing to the room where her husband was kept, on getting there the nurses were shaking their heads they had lost him but importantly she had lost her husband. For a split moment it was as if the whole world was on a standstill as she remembered losing Bob the previous week and now her husband. She had failed!

My heart goes out to the people all over the world, who might have lost a brother a sister or both.  To the children with single parents who might have become orphans, to husbands who have lost wives and wives who have lost husbands.

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