Its winter,
Through the cold nights
Existing in my world of impossibilities,

I lived as though it was my home,
And you as my flatmate.

We had a well furnished bed,
A soft mattress and a relaxing pillow.

Yet it wasn't as soft as the flesh your chest withholds.

In your arm I understood comfort,
Not to mention the interpretation of warmth your flesh spelt.

Your lips on mine,
Was the cool bridge I could pass to mini-warmth,

Still in my world of impossibilities,
The Idea of a duvet all around me was not necessary,
Your embracing soul on mine
Was all I could ask for.

Questions of is this all that there is to warmth kept on ringing in my head,

You listened to my inner most part,
You let the words in your heart echo as silence and sighs of deep breath,

You answered to it in action
keeping your hard palm on my scruff
Placing my left palm on your waist.

Eyes on mine
You came close, I mean closer.

There and then
I was all down for it

I was ready to understand your own concept of warmth,

I was all in for our version of Mummy and Daddy
I was ready for our series of touch me I touch you.

Right there feeling your hard cock on my flesh,
Your hands on my tit,
Slowly thrusting in,
Gradually I accommodated all of you.

Bit by bit I understood your idea of warmth.


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