Which is Necessary: Potential or Credential?

Which is Necessary: Potential or Credential?

There has being an offstage clash between the two on superiority and sure you got something to say.
So, to keep the ball rolling, I have to explain both literally:

What is Potential? It is having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.

What is Credential? It is an aspect of a person's background, indicating their suitability for something.
The basic difference in the terms above is that they relate to future and past experience respectively, of the object in question. And this is quite confusing as to which deserves the belt of superiority in the ring of choice because you can’t bet on the future without a track record of the past nor can you conclude on the subsequent based on antecedent.

Potential (proof of ownership) undoubtably shows that one “could”, which is reasonable in spotting future assets to society because human capital is resourceful in national development, but this is subjective as no generally accepted measure of qualifying this, making society go the extra mile of retraining newbies.

Credential (proof of acquisition) on the other hand shows that one “can”, which is a way of identifying experience in or about a specialty, winning the yardstick for societal judgement, as it is expected that having gone through the process of learning; one should be suitable but sometimes the reality is dishearten.

As typical in most public owned citadel reality, where you barely merit your grades and out there, society classify human based on As. It puts individuals on the option of marring the system to gain acceptance. So, you see people taking their fate wrongly believing that the how does not matter but the what, so I want to ask, does the end really justifies the means or vice versa. This is not to fault formal educational system as school generally is to enables you make rational decisions and give you a basis to improve. With this reality it becomes a dilemma as to which deserve our penny, look “it is better to have what you don’t need than to need what you don’t have”.

By that I mean, as much as credential is valid so is potential (hand in gloves) and mind you there are millions of certificate holders out there, so in a land of the blind a one-eyed man is seen as king in other words, life rewards based on difference according to Mike Murdock. When you could do (potential) beyond what everyone can do (credential), you become the choice man. Credential opens the door but you need potential to keep it open. In sum, pursue potential but get credential as both are necessary tools on the farm of life.

Written By Divine C. David (Content Writer)

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