5 Computer Tricks You Should Know

Everyone owns a computer. Even your phone is a computer too. But in this sense, I mean PC.
You can call yourself a computer expert with many years of experience and usage of the hardcore computers: Desktop and Laptops and even notes; you probably must have known HTML, CSS, Java Script— computer programming, but I bet there are some tricks you really do not know you can do on your PC. In this article I'm gonna share with you some tricks you don't know or you have a slight idea of.

1.Receovering Accidentally Closed Tabs:
You might be multi tasking on your PC on a number of programs at the same time. Chrome or any other browser can be one of them. You accidentally closed a tab you'll later come back to work on. Simply press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen the most recently closed tab to recover the accidentally closed tab.

2. YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts:
Streaming a recent or latest video on YouTube is quite interesting right? Basically, the key pause the video you're watching is the Spacebar. Have you tried using K to pause; J and L to backward and Forward; while M for Mute?

3. Screenshot on PC. You might want to show a picture of your activity to some online. Basically, the Print Screen is for screenshots, but sometimes the key can't work alone. So you'll press Fn+Windows Key+ Print Screen for screenshots.

4. Optimising your PC: You can increase the performance of your PC by reducing startup programs running in the background. Simply hit the Ctrl+Shift+ESC key to open task manager to configure.

5. Emoji keyboard
If you're addicted to using emoji, know desktop OS support them natively just like mobiles do. On Windows press the Windows Key + . (period) and on macOS Cmd + Control + Spacebar. An Emoji panel will appear so you can carry on as usual using all the expressions you want.

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