Growth is a natural phase that every living thing passes through at every stage in life, and no doubt that is a good thing. But for me, it is becoming scary.

When I think about the fact that I grow older with every passing day, it scares me. At times, I just feel like asking the creator to open up the ground and make it swallow me or even just make me vanish from the surface of the earth.

Thinking about the fact that soon, the parents and society who I've always looked up to will in turn look up to me, even the young one's, makes me feel like remaining a child forever.

When I think of the many dreams I have, I get this feeling that I haven't accomplished half of it, I fear for the future.

When I think about all the responsibilities that awaits my adult life, I fear for tomorrow.

When I think about the fact that as I grow old, a lot of things might just fall out of place, I feel like not growing up again,

It scares me when I realize that I'm growing older every passing day.

©Adoki Favour Igoni

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