Daylight nightmare (domestic violence)

Days after leaving nursery School , mom was smiling, dad has his face bobbling.
" I'm proud of you", mum couldn't hold it back, her words of affirmation for her prince charming.

Mom and dad now alone ,then in minutes mom is screaming , dad is yelling , you can't figure it all out.

Rumbling sounds of blows rocks the house. could this be true?? mom and dad
fighting ?? you can't hold the tears
 but it isn't worth the price of peace.

finally it's over , elders in the house to
put mom and dad back together . it works, but you never seem to recover from the horror.
Worse still, the  family ties ain't knit again.

Yeah it saunters on , they fights more
frequent now.  your lost in deep waters , yet
robbed with the shame , broken by the
pain and hypnotized by the gaze of depression.

You've cowered into your teens , yet these old folks never seem to grow.
Dad's hardly at home, with him around it
rains hades and fire.
The memories are unbearable

Mom has had it
all, she wants a divorce . yeah she had
her way anyways
 And your tears couldn't move a quiver in their hearts.

Were you ever loved ? that's the huge
question . mom and dad probably have
the answer, "you were born and raised by
us that says it all ". drowning in a pool of  dilemma even more. I too can't fathom  if ever you  were loved

But you keep asking "but you love me Daddy", "but you love me momma ".all these in your heart,  you can't speak out .yet still an awkward silence like that of a grave yard fills your soul . you won't get an answer.

The fangs of  pangs grips you so sternly and you're clawed by the fear of what your life would look like in the nearest future
The conflicting thoughts pushes you numb and into utter silence

When that silence is finally broken by the groans of your bleeding soul, you resign to "maybe it's all the creator's plan"

But I heard the creator always gives good things to everyone  and this isn't good because it really hurts if all your  lips keep pouring to the hearing of your ears alone.

We share the same story do u know? I turned out strong , hope it's same with you . don't let the pain live on ,mom and dad hurt you don't hurt yourself too.

Surely selfish they seem , we're not in place to judge ,the height of a tree can't be told from it's shadows . We must get there first to know what mom and dad really felt , else we're selfish too.

© Bertha Moseph David

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