The big question here is totally confusing and very complicated and complex but it contains millions of reasonable answers.Does dead men still rule the world?
Many would  say "YES" they rule, many others would say "NO" they don't . Well you should be informed that it is a YES.The question is how is that possible? Is totally on the mind of some persons reading this.How  does dead men still rule the world?

One would say the dead neither speak,see nor hear and most importantly are not aware of physical things going on,but in spite of these,death never seemed to be the end to the impart they left to the world . Actually, not all dead men rule, why is it that?Most  individuals may ask.


Truth be told most men died in vain, leaving the world nothing to speak of them,when they are taken by the hands of death and are gone,the world also let go of them like they never existed because they had died with nothing to be remembered for.
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However,there are men not just ordinary men but great men  .Am talking about men with,visions, strength, understanding, sympathy,patience and intelligence,men with diverse skills (life-coping skills,manipulative skills, intellectual skills,communication skills,artistic skills etc).These are men who believed that failure is a starting point to retrace your steps and ride on to greatness" -They are men with great examples.

They never gave up on their dreams,they were resourceful and brave and always stood for what they believed in,they ignored discouragements and utilized their time,they never allowed failure to take them out of the journey but kept on moving until they got it right,they were determined to make an impart,they never stopped researching,they chose not to be naive and ignorant,they were dedicated to their vision,a vision they believed in,they kept on studying and solving formulas,they solved tasks that required a scientific and thorough approach,their ability to focus with determination made them very capable time managers,they never mixed business with friendship,they were aware of how the world was and accepted it needed  consistent change even if the world was not a state of utopia.Notwithstanding,they believed one day it would be,they were disciplined enough to stick to the budget and were not afraid of hard-work.

According to Winston Churchill _"Success is not final,failure is not fatal,it is the courage to continue that counts" In addition, they were men with the gift of foresight, principled men who had perceived a great future ahead of them,they knew their task was onerous.These men even in death still rule the world through the great impart they made to the world,their ideas had changed the world,the legacy left behind cannot be forgotten,they are historical figures that changed the world with ideas that still lives.These men proved to us that "time and tide wait for no man"



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