I feel rejected and used
Trampled upon like sand
Crying out in the rain
Cos the noise was too loud.

Demons chanting DIE DIE DIE
Suicide its name
Every night on me they fed
As I was left alone to bleed.

This is just a Fake facade
I wished you could see beyond this smile
I wished you could feel my pain
I wished you could see my tears
Oh How broken I am now.

Helpless me
Then came the demons again
Suicide leading the way
With its enticing dish
I should have a bite
Said it.

My eyes were already swollen
With a loud cry
I let it all out
If you are real,save me

I'm broken and hurt
Full of flirt
Love is all I need
Can you give me it.

He did
Sent Me a friend called JESUS
Full of love and Peace
Setting my all that was amiss.

©John Daniel Peter

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