Designer thinking

Virgil Abloh introduced me to the world of design thinking, in an interesting way. All along I thought design thinking is mostly a designer or the tech savvy guy thing. But wait, it’s design thinking. Thinking!!!

I’ve always admired the way designers think. Their ability to come up with ideas and creativity that is usually outside the box. As a designer, it has to become natural for you to be curious and think differently in order to get results that are beyond ordinary.

It is imperative that we all adopt the design thinking process—empathize, define, ideate ,prototype and test—in EVERYTHING that we do.

Empathizing will help you drop your biases and assumptions about a particular problem and also give you a feel of the problem.

The defining stage is the understanding phase where you get a grasp of the problem. This is the phase where you study information and facts as it relates to the problem.

Ideating stage is where you come up with different ideas and alternative angles to look at the problem. You can look at a problem from an “upside down” angle if that will help—we are talking outside the box huh?

Prototyping and testing are the final stages of design thinking, where you experiment with your ideas, and see which works best. After experimenting, your ideas may give you a not-so-good result. Be like me, call it a false positive and move on to the next.

Design thinking basically gives us a result-oriented mindset.

Become more of a creator.

Become more of an inventor.

We should all be designers.

© Precious Onyia

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