Federal Government: The bane of Nigeria development

Federal Government: The bane of Nigeria development
By Emenike Vincent Onyembi

For too long, Nigeria has been placed on a time bomb. What we are seeing is a manifestation of the power tussle in which the North has comfortably grabbed the most advantageous position since 1951 when the McPherson constitution that gave the North 50% plus of federal parliament membership became operational.

With this zone comfortably in charge of all ‘democratic’ decisions, and knowing fully well that they are at a disadvantage if the required fiscal restructuring is implemented, I don’t see any possibility for a peaceful fiscal restructuring in Nigeria.

As we remember the Biafran Heroes today, and as some of us keep agitating for Igbo presidency and some secession perhaps which is as a result of the ill-structured entity we live in today, I would like to say briefly—few things:

1.) I must first restate that I am for restructuring — a genuine one. I say this because I strongly believe we will all thrive in it.

2.) Even if a non-northern president emerges tomorrow, his proposals must pass through the national assembly for debates, motions and counter motions and finally, a parliamentary vote.

3.) All the non-viable states have more parliamentary representatives and votes than all the viable states combined.

4.) Except this precarious situation swings-on on the pendulum of inconvenience for the Southern part of Nigeria perpetually, a time will surely come when violence will settle the score!

But this can be avoided. (See the attached).

5.) Peace is not absolute without fairness and justice. At best, peace with underlying injustice is nothing but the extent to which the suffering party can bear the inconvenience.

6.) Lastly, WHEN the South can no longer bear the inconvenience, the alarm will blow but it will NEVER be through a democratic process.

Sorry, that’s the reality. But the Igbo say ‘‘ozoemena’’. There’s need to come together and genuinely restructure this nation-state.

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