Hi, covid!


Heard your activities,
At every dawn,
When the day yawns.
We see your testimonies
At the hospitals,
The struggle for survival
The funerals,
The end of destinies

You have become the new in our news,
We feel the pain you feed us,
Bound to our shells
With restricted activities
You lock us up with your lock down,
Are you locking down our lives?

Our lives are still
And the world is still
Still by your mapped-out rules
Our daily routine you've stolen,
We're trapped in your caves
Can you now go into extinction?

Breaking news has made fear
erupt out our veins
Breaking every ounce of faith we've built.
The world is ours
Still we squat with you,
We squat in wait of your exile

You confiscated our lives,
Imprisoned our pursuit,
Sunken our livelihood.
Social distancing is the norm,
That has distanced our hustle
How can we in this nurture our bowels?

Hi, Covid
Haven't you done enough?
You have long overstayed,
We order your absence,
If not now,
Then when?

When our streets are flooded with the dead?
When our hearts are too frail to take heart?
When our lives are drunk in solitude?
When our economy synonym's destitute?
When the cells of our brains only absorb fear?
When starvation speeds on the highway?
What becomes of us?

Hi, Covid
We have testified to your works,
Can you please leave in peace,
so we can patch our broken pieces?
We thirst for a new beginning,
Go to your rest!

Written by:
Agberene-Dikibo Matilda

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