How to create powerful backlinks

How to create powerful backlinks

There are many techniques to create backlinks but I will share all the easy techniques that anyone can do.
1.Blog Commenting
You can create authority backlinks by doing blog comments. How? If you read an article than give a valuable comment. Your comment must be 100 to 120 Words and I'm sure that there is 100% chance to get the backlink.

2.Wikipedia link posting
Wikipedia is an authority site and it will block your IP Address if you do any spamming. Find a topic in your niche and add your article link like this:
"There is another source to learn SEO and Blogging
Source: (your website link)"

3.PDF Submission
PDF submission backlink is a good way to rank your keyword. I have written a blog post and that keyword is on 65 Position on Google. I have also created a PDF and submit that on (slideshare) and that keyword will be on 9 positions on PDF file,

4. Social Bookmarking
The best and easy way to create backlinks is social bookmarking you just have to create your profile and share your link on that website. It is one of the favorite methods that I'm using.

5. Article Submission
Article submission backlink is not so easy. You have to create eye-catching content. In my opinion, this technique is for only experts.

6. Web 2.0
This technique is also very difficult but it really helps you in the ranking. You have to create 30 to 40 Web 2.0. Just wait for 4 to 5 months at least and then see the magic.
7. Profile Backlinks
This technique is very easy and people are also selling this service on Fiverr. It is very easy to create profile backlinks and you can also sell this service on Fiverr.

8.Infographics Submission
This technique is easy but you have to create infographics. You can search on Google and you can find a lot of sources to create infographics.
Most of them are paid but they will give you a trial version. After the trial ends carry on with a new Gmail account.

9.Blog Aggregators
This method is mostly paid. You have to spend some time to find some free sources of (Blog Aggregators)

What is Blog Aggregators?
Blog Aggregators are some popular source of collection of all the blogs. They have high authority and quality traffic. They will submit your website link on their Blog as a collection for blogging outreach. Most of the bloggers are using this technique.

Now you have created backlinks but the issue is they will not index quickly. If you create backlinks for your own site than you don't have to use any service but if you create backlinks for clients than it is necessary to use link indexing service. You can use any service for backlink indexing. I'm also using a service and they will charge $0.2 for each backlink. Your backlink will be index within half hour

Make sure that you have created all backlinks in your niche. Like if you are creating backlinks by commenting. Than do comments on Blogs related to your niche and topic that the thing people don't follow and they waste their time by creating spammy backlinks.

These are the best ways to create High-Quality Backlinks and remember.

Note: Save your backlinks always and check it daily, also if this post was helpful to you,please do so to drop a comment.

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