Jesus the savior of the world

Jesus the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the word (John 1:29)

For us to really understand what Apostle John was talking about, you will have to critically look at the old testament, (old covenant). There they offered many sacrifices that could not completely cleanse or blot out the sin nature of man completely.

The Bible says in Lev 17:11 *The life of any creature is in the blood*. The *blood* of the animals used for *sacrifice* were like an exchange for the life of the person offering the sacrifice. The person just have to lays his/her hands on the animal, which is SUBSTITUTION.

One day i heard a Muslim cleric saying 'Jesus only came for the Jews ( that is, the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He emphatically stressed that all Christians who are not Jews were following the wrong person) because Jesus only died for the Jews and not the entire world.

As funny as it may sound, many people have held on to this argument and this made me to understand that people who ain't saved yet don't really understand that Christ also included them in *his death, burial and resurrection*.

It is very important that we know and tell others that the sacrifice of Jesus was for the whole world, whether you are a Jew or Gentile, black or white, no matter the tribe or tongue you came from, God gave Him (Jesus his Son) for the world.

When the Jews In the old testament laid their hands on the animal sacrifice to be made, if you read Leviticus chapter 3 and chapter 4 carefully, before they Slaughter the animal, their sins were transferred into the sinless animals.

We also know that the blood of man has been contaminated immediately after the fall of Adam, so it would take a pure and sinless blood to rectify the fallen state of man hench why Jesus died.
And also why Jesus did not come through the normal process of a man having sexual inter course with  a woman, but rather Mary the mother was overshadowed by the power of the highest (Holy Spirit) and she conceived and gave birth to Jesus. So, he was a pure blood fit to die for mankind and to blot out completely the sin of MANKIND.

 If Jesus came to save the Jews alone, then only the Jews would have killed him without the Romans ( the Gentiles) interfering with the whole process.
But instead, the Romans which by its *LEADER PILATE* could not really find anything wrong with Jesus, just like any man who is not a Jew would always not see a reason for transferring one's sins to an animal. Pilate tried to save Jesus but that was against the will and purpose of God. God intended that the world which is both Jews and Gentiles will kill him so they can all also be partakers of His saving Grace. Pilate wanted to be free but yet acted on the decision of the high priest, just like the high priest supervises the killing of the animal during the sacrifice, so also God made it be. So, the Jews and the Gentiles all laid their hands on Jesus and sacrificed Him, making Him bear the sins of the whole world just like John the baptist had seen when he said *behold the lamp of God which taketh away the sin of the world.*

Only the Jews didn't kill Jesus so only them cannot be the partakers of the blessings thereof...

Go out to the world and preach Christ to others so they can also become partakers of his SAVING GRACE.

Remain blessed

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