Dark lonely street,
All seen are bright lights that shone on my way to embark on the journey of LOVE.
To a destination of a lot.

I walked alone down my way,
No faster means to it.
Added to the fact I already ate up my transport.

My name is Attention.
May I know your name?
-A man from a really attractive Bentley voiced.
Okay, I wouldn’t mind telling you my full name!
My name is Negligence, Pain Doubt.

He asked where I was headed,
I told him
I am on my way to LOVE.

I am on my way there too.
You mind if we go together?

In my head it said NO
But my lips couldn’t imitate what I had upstairs
Was as though a cat got my tongue.

Oh yeah of course we can!
As a gent,
He came and helped me In.

On our way he offered to get me food
I was literally starving.

Then he said
I try each day to live up to my other name CARE.

Finally we got to our destination.
Despite not having the means that would have pulled me through to it.
I still found my way to LOVE.


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