Painful Pain

Like a mountain that can never be climbed over their pain is,

Like a city without walls they are,
Defenseless to loneliness and hunger life's struggles have made them

Like travelers they wander
Wondering when their next meal will come and where it would come from,

At times they wail and ask aloud in pain if Yahweh is deaf to the growls of their stomachs or blind to the tears that continuously flow from their eyes,

They live in a building without a roof, for be it rain or sun they always feel as it always finds it way in through the numerous holes from their rusted zinc,

Sorrow and grief have turned their hearts regular feeling,

They struggle and hustle just to buzzle but still liquid gold flows not from their nozzle, not even a drink to guzzle so they live trying to solve life like a puzzle,

To them the world is hotter than hades and they know no heaven so they live like Aids patients,
Isolated and locked away from humanity by humanity (the war for survival)

They are more than shreds
Battered and shattered by life's struggles
Waiting earnestly
For hope and Emancipation that would never come
For they have turned slaves to struggles,

They live not life
For they are dead in their world
As their skies fall like nonstop raindrops
They are being devoured by PAINFUL PAIN

Written by:
Adoki ima
0906 154 1459

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