He got lost in a fragment of time,
He got lost when she asked him if he wanted to run away with her,
And build a nest in his beards
He got lost when she took his hand and looked in his eyes and said I love you,
He got lost when she said everything will be okay,
He got lost when she said he is her world
He got lost when she said he is the best thing in her life.

He got lost when he cuddles and carassed him with love
He got lost when she said no one can ever replace him for her
He got lost when she kiss and hold him
Drunk in love thinking their is a future for both to nurture

Not knowing she  would turture him with betrayal
Even with the showers of love, he got no power to think otherwise
Now He sit in his corner and think about her lies,
He has nothing else to do but break down and cry
Gazing in awe with his breathe in the belly

Hanging in the atmosphere of stringent but pugnacious mind
His lips like two pilgrim draws the saliva of regret.
Feeling the pains and the pangs of neglect and betrayal.

Married to the  bottle of broken trust.
Drinking pills of broken promises daily at abyss Tavern

Acrimony of a feeble soul
He slept but his heart is awake
Thinking about the scorching hurt
He gave his love ,his body his all
But she paid back with coin of betrayal
She Cuddled him, tell it all to him that she loves him ,expressely but betrayed him in her mind .
Stinged with needle of  pain

Oh what a incrustations of grim, she stake
That has incarcerated his languid part
Dead inside but trapped in the dark cave of his heart.
Trying to crease his face with smile for yonks.
But he pines away in remorse of melancholy.
Ensuing the avalanche of malady.
Bitterness ,melting his aplomb into a debilitating fear into the thin air.
Broken promises and trust is what keeps his lips busy.

He sat in his own pain thinking that somehow he is broken.
Calmness of abject solitude, he barely find fortitude.
Just incarcerated with grave of worries and droplets of betrayal.

Entangled and married to the bitterness of dusting himself up
He Can barely feel the weight of his mind
And then he asked..............
Askim Why? That was the question he asked as he pick up himself  and dust himself up

Written by:
Ifediogor Uche

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