This post or article is not for the proud, arrogants nor white collar job minded individuals, but to the upcoming youths, students, graduates who has brainstormed on one or two business ideas but, don't know how to start or take action due to contemplation on what steps to take.

A lot of people have met me, some chatted me up, asking me, Noble, I am planning to start up a small scale business or learn a skill, but, I don't know how to start, or maybe I should join yahoo yahoo, and, as they speak, as one whom had passed through that track record, I always laughed, and I can discern a symptom of one major deficiency satan is using against them, which is "PROCRASTINATION"


Some are waiting for big money for start up, while others, even as a graduate still having dependency mentality on parents and uncles to establish it for them .Sorry, you will wait for so long, neither would you go far that way.

In my  200 level in Delsu, I wake up one morning, brainstormed on this laundry business with full DETERMINATION to start, I didn't wait for big money before I started , else I wouldn't have started till today. I just started telling people that I'm into drycleaning, announcing it from room to room, hostel to hostel. My guys and neighbors then thought I was joking, until they saw me packing people's clothes back home for washing.

But, Guess what ????
I started with a chackoal iron inside my small room, using my reading table for ironing with zero naira, just bought soap and bowl, that's all, and from that little beginning, gradually God started bringing family and friends to start assisting, little by little, until it's now established to the standard it is now today, and to the glory of God, that "once upon a time small room laundry" has birthed other multiple streams of ideas and businesses that had today, given me an opportunity to be a contract staff in the university while the business goes on, then, status started changing small small, as if that was not enough, from there, God brought me a beautiful wife and family, life began and then my cute baby daughter was brought  forth. Hallelujah!

I might not have gotten to the height I want to be, but, I'm no longer where I used to be.But do you think if  I were to be contemplating and calculating preliminary costs and logistics, or maybe who would start me off or waiting for the right time, could I have started till today? No.

No, No,No
No, No,No
                                 Hey friends!!!
I came to challenge and motivate you to stop procrastinating and stop wishing, unfortunately time doesn't wait for anyone. Bible says" He that considers the weather will not sow, therefore neither shall he reap".

I don't know who God is using me to talk to in this article, but I trust someone is  blessed already and your spirit stired up with this my humble beginning testimony.

Time will fail me to start listing numerous multiple businesses or skill you can start with, alot of them.
Guys, you can start that barbing saloon, start that restaurant, start that car wash, learn that skill now, kick off that business. Ladies, you can start that catering, open that fashion, make up or beauty spar.   never mind your account balance or who will offer you help neither mind what people would say or who is mocking you, don't be embarrassed or afraid to fail.

Your beginning may be small, but your later end will be great.

© Noble De great

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