By Agberene-Dikibo Matilda

Being in a toxic relationship, either with the opposite or same sex is intolerable. Any relationship that has no mutual and support can be said to be toxic. If any relationship drains your emotional energy more than it's worth, letting go becomes a necessity.
Friendships and relationships come and go but real and true friendships stand the test of time. We should learn to allow time define the roles and nature of the people in our lives. Tagging people as our 'best friend' or 'close friend' in the first few months of meeting them may not be good at the long run.
There are times when we meet a person for the first time and emotional strings get tangled. A bond is created as memories are made. This bond may not last and both parties may not see this coming. Memories would be made, trust would be built, secrets would be revealed and so on. This is one of the reason boundaries should be set on how much the people around us should know about us.
 As time goes on , the relationship may start draining one party. Conflicts may arise. Some conflicts do not end in resolution. Atimes, the change of location strains any relationship. All of a sudden, the love that's illuminates the friendship begins to wax cold.

You have to let go at the point where your efforts to re-ignite the spark is not responsive nor reciprocated. That moment when you are the only one trying to mend the patches of the relationship in a green flag; you ought to let go.
If it drains you more than it fills you is a sign you have to let go. If it is not adding or impacting  positive value then you should move on. The power of association can not be underestimated. No relationship leaves you neutral. It is either filling you positively or draining you negatively.

Though it hurts to let go of someone who you' ve built memories with. Our worth is far more than being treated less than we deserve. The entry and exit of people in our lives should get used to us. Not everyone is going to be in our life forever.  Some people come into out lives and leave when there time's naturally up. Finally, do not let your emotions becloud the fact that not all rosy relationships stand the test of time.

About the Author:
Agberene-Dikibo Matilda is a contributor to the blog, Mynaijalite.com.ng. She is a poet and writer. She hails from Dikibo-Ama in Okrika Local Government Area in Rivers State. She had her O'level certificate in Cornerstone International Secondary School with distinction,in 2018. She has lots of poems, short stories to her credit and articles yet to be publised. Her stage name is Matiwrites.


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