It's a gift

Growing up in a cradle with a loving and caring parent who showed ceaseless love, lavishing care, and support. Dad was up and doing at his responsibility as a provider, protector, advocate, and adviser. Buying gifts were his norms both the expensive and the inexpensive.

I can recall amazing gifts I got at intervals, although they don't come daily, whenever I got them they were the best thing I could ever get as a young growing kid from my parent. They were worth more than ruby, precious than gold, more expensive than whatever anyone could offer on the market. That's what my dad's gift was worth to me.

In our contemporary age today, gifts have turned out to be an essential ingredient to foster relationships in every area of life. Gift happens to be a universal way of showing love, expressing love towards our family, friends, spouse, boss, and even Clergymen. And as such gift sharing should be a continuous act for everyone who believes in Love. Remember, God is Love.
God loads us daily with a gift that no man could give (Life).

Can I share with you without confusing you that;
• It is a must for your gift to be expensive
• A gift should be something big and elaborate
• Gifts should be shared only on a special occasion such as birthdays, wedding anniversary, or child dedications.

Well, these are a few misconceptions about what we have in our society today. Often times I hear people say it’s not in their DNA to buy gifts.
Gifts is anything we give freely without anything in return to express love. Which means anything whatsoever can be a gift. It can be a pack of chocolate, biscuit, Garden flower, pizza, packaged shirt, airtime e.t.c the most hilarious gift I received was a 20 naira pen/biro. Funny right, but I tell you I cherished that pen till its dying day. Why? Because it was given to me as an expression of love.
Do you find it hard to select a gift for your loved ones? Here are a few tips for sharing gifts;

• Gift is not always meant to solve problems: it is totally wrong to have the mindset of giving a gift because there is a problem or someone is in dare need. Gifts are not for that, whenever you want to get a gift erase the thought of “what does this person need urgently” if that’s what you want to solve you can walk up to the person and save yourself and others the headache.

• Quit thinking that your gift should be expensive…NO it’s a wrong motive. A gift should be given according to your strength and the motive of your heart. Do you know that the person you are giving a gift first feels the state of your heart before the cost of the gift? So stop that using the money in your wallet and get something for the one you love.

• I hear people ask me if getting a bracelet, earrings or even a sneaker will be worth a gift……. amazingly it’s not about the size dear, it's all about the heart that is presenting the gift. A word of encouragement can be a big gift to someone who is losing it at one point or the other, a free ride as well can be a gift to another.. ITS ALL ABOUT A LOVING HEART

• LASTLY MANY OF US GIVE GIFTS ONLY ON BIRTHDAYS. Are birthdays gift days, are weddings and valentines day the most important to express love?
The truth is if we wait till we have occasions before we show love to one another then we will always have issues with deciding on the best gift to give.
When Expressing Love Lets Do it From Our HEART.
Hit me up for more ideas on the choice of gifts for your loved ones.

Writer: Mr_Truth

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