Makers Of American Film “Extraction” Invite Ikorodu Bois To Their 2nd Premier For Remaking The Movie

Ikorodu Bois who are Nigerian teenage comedy group have finally been noticed outside the shores of Nigeria as the producers of 'Extraction 2' which is Hollywood movie invited them to attend the second premier of their movie.

This awesome news was available yesterday being the 24th June, 2020. The Russo brothers made this announcement and handed tickets to the group for the way they captured the audience. In the tweet below, they acknowledged the Ikorodu Bois and officially invited them as they will asked to send a DM to claim the offer.

The Russo Brothers for those who don't know are made up of Joseph Russo and Anthony Russo. These brothers were vital to the movie as Anthony was co producer while his brother Joseph wrote the scripts of the movie

The Nigerian teenage comedy group, Ikorodu Bois after the creation of the movie took to Twitter and begged their fans to retweet the page till it gets the action of the movie main actor Chris Hemsworth and Netflix. The Bois said they did the recreation of the movie because they loved the movie

The video went viral on Twitter and within few hours got 3 million views. Anthony and Joseph replied the Ikorodu Bois when they saw the recreation clips and said that it will be a pleasure to have them

It was a dream come true for the boys as they plan to attend the second premier of the movie. This would a great opportunity for them to finally see life out the shores of Nigeria

Watch video below

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