Shadows: Dark Pride

DARK PRIDE (Prologue)
By Peace Joseph

 'Nah it can't be'
Anny's brain told her while she gaped with devouring eyes at the Alpha male that just appeared at the edge of the woods
 'Hunks don't fall down from the sky after a deadly storm,or do they'
 'No they don't'_ the strange large man said exposing white teeth hidden under lips created to be worshipped with kisses just like rain droplets are doing as they roll down his face.Wanting to get a clearer look,Anny uncounsiously took another step,his skin was the perfect tan with rippling muscles that clearly have strength underneath, eyes the colour of evening Amber that can look through your soul,Nose that stood majestically erect in the middle of his face and...
 'Are you done making your assessment or should I turn the backside also'  he said with his lips bent in a mocking smile.
Gosh that voice it sounds like  the voice of a thousand warriors from the Medieval period, suddenly there was this bubbly warm sensation in her womanly folds.
 'What are you talking about, I wasn't checking you out'_ she denied through her teeth.
 'Of course you weren't' he said gesticulating with strong  gorgeous hands 'you were just checking out the amazing wreck landscape created by the storm,oh and what's that I perceive.. YOUR AROUSAL
 'What? What? What the hell are you talking about?' Anny asked breathingly.God the guy does move fast ,one time he was by the edge of the woods next he was right at her back moving his really large hands that was knocking her senseless against her spine.
 'Now What were you saying about my voice again?'
 'You can read my mind ?'
 'Uh-uh'  he said as he breathed hot steamy words on her neck.
 'You want it right'
 ' no uhhhhh'

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Michael Anthony said…
This is good, the picture being painted is perfect, I can already imagine it