Shadows: Dark Pride

By Peace Joseph

Episode 1

The sudden halt to the deafening silence brought about by the Chimer of the grand father clock caused Anny to lift her head from the head of documents she was reviewing, looking round Anny noticed she was the only one still working in the office. She could even stake out her Meager Salary to bet she was the only worker apart from the Security personnels still in Briggs law firm.
 Yet another boring friday,I should really get a life
Anny mustered to herself with a yawn as she continued imputing figures into the computer on the desk.
 My mates are clubbing right now,but here I am loving up my work desk
Another Friday met Anastasia  Williams working overtime in Briggs which was now almost becoming Customary because Mr.Tod has made up that wrinkled mind of his to never find satisfaction in her job.
 That's it, I'm outta here, If Mr.Tod doesn't like this one he can go hug an Electric pole for all I care'
With that Anny stood up and started packing her laptop,notes and those fruit chocolate bars which never leaves her side .'Tasty death' as Micky always referred to them as.With shuffling lazy steps, Anny carried her rucksack and headed home.
Anastasia Williams, Anny as she was commonly called didn't imagine not even in her wildest dreams that at age 24 of her life would be such a wreck.
 But typical of life, it doesn't give you what you expect,does it?'
She dreamt big like every normal kid of studying in Harvard which definitely never happened,becoming a partner with huge firms like Huston's Corp law firm or Ferland and Co at about Age 26 which isn't even going to happen given that she's just an Ordinary case reviewer not even a proper lawyer at Briggs.
It's not even like she didn't posses the qualifications, she did but she attended a community college
 Big deal'_ Anny hissed to herself as she crossed towards the pavement.
 My life stinks a whole damn lot ,at this point nothing is ever gonna come like a shock to me'
The street of Temmings was still full and lively with people after all it was friday,not everyone's life was as boring as hers.Up north towards the traffic light,country songs was booming out of the stereo of a roadside bar, some folks were having beer and enjoying conversation. A little bit down the road were a bunch of teenagers,the girls with mini skirts, tight hugging blouses and trousers flirting with some boys, boys with spiky hair and chains attached to their trousers and an overdose of Testosterone which could be perceived a mile away college kids probably freshman
It was summer break so the streets was full with people, some partying the night away, some gossiping,trade of different sort ranging from buying and selling of crack,to payment and rendering sex services going down.
Temmings is well known for it's high level of drug trafficking,sex,clubs and other vices.
 Heyo legs,why don't you come over so I'll make you feel good'
 You know you don't have to be lonely, right. Some guys on bike catcalled at her.
 'Hey leggy come on,don't be a vibe killer'
Anny hastened her steps from that area, cos the faster she gets home, the better she will feel. Those guys are a whole lot of trouble and no sensible person would want to get involved with them.
The sound of the music was so loud that it could make one deaf but the patrons of Platinum Night Club didn't mind, The air smelled of smoke,Alcohol and sex. Yeah there were lots of sex going on here, platinum girls were damn hot they could charm the trousers off the priest.
Even Omars doesn't mind spending his day off here.
Jefferson Omars popularly called Omars, homicide detective Temmings police department was on the edge this night and he wasn't alone in that mood his pal josh shared the same energy.
 'What can I get you gentlemen? the waitress asked in a purring fashion while tossing her ass towards Omars for a better view.
 'I will have Voldka' josh said nodding to a hogtie with real large boobs on the next table.
 'Could they be real he reasoned as he conjured different pictures of ways he would take her in his mind.
 'I'm definitely gonna find out he decided.
 Give me 2 bottles of Irish ale Omars whispered to the waitress as he lightly pinched that Amorus ass of her's.
 'Coming right up She replied flickering steamy gaze full of flames of wild wanton passion at him

.'So what's your plan'

 'What plan josh asked as he went about putting ice cubes in his drink
 'About Matthew Henshop, you aren't gonna drop the case are u?'
 Well you know I can't hold him any longer due to lack of evidence'
 'But we all know Candy White was his fuck bitch and she was found dead in his penthouse, isn't that evidence enough? What more should we ask for? Him to humbly admit he murdered that lady he asked angryly as he bottomed up his glass
 Well yes something like that cos when Candy was found dead, investigations proved Matthew was in las Vegas on business trip and now a document signed by candy just came out of nowhere stating that Candy was a domestic staff in charge of cleaning the residence and not a fuck buddy'
 'Bullshit, that's what this is and you know that too, Candy was a hooker and no domestic staff'
 Well true'josh agreed with gesticulating hands even if we still want to hold him down withstanding all these, we still can't. Dude's got an Uncle who's a Senator and he has ordered his release so whether you like it or not Omars this case is already a wrap, nothing I can do about it again. I'm sorry men'
 Its not your fault, damn this system' Omars Straightened up and watched him finish his beer but Candy deserved better
 Yeah she did, that girl was pretty and real nice he lifted up and eyebrow .Did you ever smash her?
 Christ, josh what the hell goes on in that mind of yours. Omars eyed him in disbelief .I only cared about her cos she was sweet with this cheerful nature'
 'Uh-hhh really josh asked with unbelieving eyes
 Yeah the image his mind produced caused a cold sweat on his skin.
 You sure about that
 'That's it I'm outta here, how can u sit there imagining me humping with a now dead woman, way to go josh'_he snorted and stood up from his seat and nearly knocked the big ass waitress down
 'Leaving so soon  She asked in that purring voice of hers
 'You can thank that Perv for it' Omars replied as he took another last look at those succulent boobs that he now had no desire to fondle again
 Come on you aren't serious about leaving, are you? josh asked with that I dare you smile of his
 'Yes I am  and with that he started to leave.
 'Hurry home cos Candy is already waiting for you in bed josh shouted after him which earned him a middle finger from Omars.

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Unknown said…
The story is so nice even up to the point that one can picture such scenario in his head...infact am an aficionado to this your writting.. Nice work
Anonymous said…
Anticipating episode 2 ��
Udemadu said…
Can't wait for Episode 2
Michael Anthony said…
It has the sensual feel about it, its a great work that leaves your imagination boundless
Unknown said…
Girlfriend I can't wait to see the 2nd episode...
While reading I could get a picture of the characters in my head... I love your work..😍💙
Stephenson said…
Such an interesting story, looking forward to more wonderful tales like this... Keep it up