Watch ''Violated'' - The Trending Short Rape Movie

There is a rape pandemic and sexual abuses ravaging the country. Millions Of women and girl ,men and boys have been victims of rape. The  conversations around the issue of rape and sexual abuses is one that has been going on for a long time now but in recent times has once again  resurfaced and really bitting hard.

Sexual violence has wrecked havoc and in the same vein destroying lives. It is a long time stigma even with the survivors having to live with the traumatic experience Plus the pains and pangs of neglect. Protest has been made ,and all that ,even some Nigerian's has called for a stiffer punishment on rapist . It is one of several shocking cases in the past week which have led to street protests, an online petition signed by thousands and a Twitter hashtag #WeAreTired.

A new movie that delve into  constant abuse of women, entitled Violated has been released. This come as a result of spike and surge in the number of cases of rape and abuse on women in recent times, not forgetting the issue of sexual violence in the same order.

With millions of women, especially the girl child being violated across the globe, the movie which was directed by award winning creative director and filmmaker Wole Ogundare, violated movie brought to life the danger many women, both young and old are exposed to in their communities by being violated.

Violated is a story about old lovers who got back in touch to rekindle their friendship but ended up in assualt and rape.

Popular Nollywood stars such as Seun Sean Jimoh, Lekan Ogunjobi among others starred in the new movie, the movie delved into the trauma survivors of sexual abuse have to live with.

Also introducing Haitan new actress, Nzinga Desir, whose understanding of role interpretation is top notch, the film explores control, manipulation and other complexities surrounding domestic abuse from a totally realistic point of view angle.

The director, Wole Ogundare said the rise in the number cases of women and girls, even boys being sexually violated has got to the peak, and that's what inspired him to put up this project adding that the movie was part of the producer's plan to draw awareness to the scourge in their own way.

He added that many victims of sexually abused marriages or relationships often live with the traumatic experience of violent abuse.

"Often times, their children also face a life-time of stigma and are sometimes rejected and ostracized even by their own families", he said.
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