After breakup, who gets affected the most?

After breakup, who gets affected the most?

By henzpen

It is unarguable that after any breakup, someone get more affected and emotional.
Whether boy or girl, both get affected by the breakup because they share their feeling, emotions and dreams of future in themselves. They all want something and if those dreams are not achieved, they tend to loose emotional stability.

But during initial breakup,girls are the one who are more depressed than boys, because girls have figured out their future in their love and they have their own world of dream in which they constructed beautiful future about their child, mid marriage days and even about old age. Most time girls feels they have just wasted their time and commitment. Meanwhile, we all know that girls tend to feel the impact of the breakup because they know they aren't getting any younger so the pressure from their family down to their friend to get hitched is so bad.

Then for the guys, they tend to feel hurt and bad but most time they don't show it then but inside of them, they are heartbroken and hurt. Most guys tend to even destroy their property at home out of depression.  They also check the number of investment and time they have spent in the relationship, and the money they have spent throughout the relationship. Guys also pour their depression on alcohol while girls weep silently in their homes. But study proves that girls tend to move on after a breakup than boys.

But it also goes down to
1. What caused the breakup?.
2. Who loved more during the relationship?.
3. Who committed more during the relationship?.

So in other word, I can't speak for everyone. But for me I think the girl get affected the most. What do you think. Reply below

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