Shadows: Dark pride(Episode 2)

Shadows: Dark pride
Shadows: Dark pride

Episode 2
By Peace Joseph

Anny broke records on the walk back home not even the motorists who seem to have  formula one driving skills this night couldn't dampen her spirit or slow her down from getting home before 12am, she really was bent on watching the Strays premier.From her front door where she stood searching for her keys, she could hear her telephone mercilessly she could swear it was Hasley who was doing this.
 That girl is a brute' she smiled to herself.
 'Come on,come on where is this key, I'm sure I kept them in here' bending down she emptied the content of her bag on the floor and searched through them
 'I'm quite certain i kept them in my bag' running her hand through her hair she stood up and started replaying the entire day's activities in her head when her eyes landed on the door handle and there was the key.
 'Wonderful,just amazing, way to go Anny' with that she picked up her stuffs,opened the door and went in.
The room smelled of gardenia,it was her grandma's favorite.
God bless her soul wherever she is.Maman was her own hero in shining armour,that woman gave her a home when her birth mother decided she wasn't cut out to be a mom or ready to leave those pleasuring adventures with her numerous men to babysit a toddler.Maman was always there,present at all her games,debate,highschool graduation unfortunately she wasn't around when she graduated from college

The sound of the telephone pierced into her thoughts
 'Where in the world have you been'  Hasley's singsong voice came from the other end
 Sorry babe,had such a crazy day at work, I had to do overtime and Mr.Tod is such a poop head'
 'Like you're just discovering that. By the way Where is your phone? I'm sure I've given you 100 missed calls'
 'Sorry babe I forgot it at home,let me check the room'_ rumphaging through clothes scattered on her bed she found her phone and God what was that
 'Hasley seriously, 112 missed call's' she asked in disbelief
 'Yeah you weren't picking up'
 What happened to the stop calling me rule after 5 missed calls' she scowled 
 'You weren't picking up,so I got really worried. It's so unlike you, to be sincere I was already on my way to the police station to declare you missing if you didn't pick up your telephone'_ now that caused a laughter to erupt from Anny
 'Yeah laugh, it's so funny'
 ’No I'm sorry it's just know what, it's nothing. I'm sorry for causing a scare, I was tight with work, Mr.Tod had plans for my friday night.that Man is downright mean'_
 'More like the devil's only begotten son' hasley laughed in that singsong manner that always got Anny laughing.
 'Woah, calm down girlie' hasley said to Anny who was trying to catch her breath _'you laughing too hard right now. Are you okay bes'_ she asked now concerned
 Yeah I'm ok,just had to let go of some tension through laughter'
 'Ahan... Tension ehh, I'm coming over'
 'No I'm actually good'
 'I'll be there in 2' Hasley said with finality and ended the call
 'What?' just great' she said out loud as she stared at her scattered house
 'Well this girl here is too tired to arrange anything' she said as she went to switch on the television.
 I forgot to get popcorn'_ picking up her phone, she dialed Hasley who picked on second ring
 'Please get caramel glazed popcorn from Buggerin thanks'
 'What? But I've passed it already'
 Then go back honey, I'm not getting any younger' with that she ended the call not giving room for Hasley to refuse. The Announcer's voice indicated the beginning of the show
 let the fun begin'

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