How to Look Attractive

How to look more attractive
How to look attractive

How to look Attractive
by henzpen.

By Wikipedia, attractiveness is the degree to which a person's physical features are considered
aesthetically pleasing or beautiful. There are many factors which influence one person's attraction to another, with physical aspects being one of them.

Physical attraction itself includes universal perceptions common to all human cultures such as facial symmetry ,sociocultural dependent attributes and personal preferences unique to a particular individual.

Every human being need to be attractive whether you are single or married. If you are single, you need to attract the right person then if you are married you have to look attractive to your spouse.

Even as a business person, you have to look attractive for your customers. Attractiveness can be developed than beauty which is having qualities that are pleasant to the eyes.

Attractiveness simply means having abilities to attract. We all have the power to attract, because attractiveness don't dwell on only beauty. Everyone is beautiful but some are more beautiful. That means they have more qualities and features that are pleasant to the eyes.

These are some tips to look more attractive.

Having confidence: Having a high level of confidence will give you the power to attract the right person. You have to have to believe in yourself first before you will be able to attract anyone. Knowing who you are and not been scared or shy to hit a point makes you attractive.

Good sense of fashion: you must know how to dress to attract. For example when going for a job interview, a person will have to dress well and neat so as to impress the employer. In the same case, when you want to attract the right one, you have to know how to dress. As a lady you could also makeup while going out but not by wearing revealing dress because that won't attract the right person. So having a good fashion taste will give you a greater chance of attracting the right person.

Always been joyful: we all know that their is a great difference between been happy and joyful. One can be happy about something and at the same time sad about another. But having joy in you can quench any level of anger or sadness in you. You always have to be joyful to attract the right person. Everyone would like to associate him or herself to someone who is cheerful right?. So you have to be cheerful at all time to be attractive because you don't know when the right person will come.

Talk with purpose: A lady is judge by how she talk not only by her beauty alone. So you have to know how to talk wisely in every given point in time. Know how to give good advice, also know how to contribute effectively in a gathering or in a place.

Being hardworking: No one likes a lazy person. Get up and be successful because with that you have a great chance of attracting. Every man would love a successful woman and every woman would be attracted to a successful man. So why not get a skill or a job and be that every woman's dream. Being successful also has to do with having the ability to have a good sense of fashion because when you have money, you would be able to buy those attractive wears you need.

Be real: Don't change your self just to attract someone, just be your self at all time. Everyone must not like you but someone must. To attract the right one, just be your self. Stop pretending  to be someone else when you know you are not. Anyone who will like you should like what they see and accept it. For you are special and you mustn't try to change your self for someone else. People appreciate you when you are real.

Don't come desperate: Anyone who comes desperate won't attract the right person. It all lies down to being real. Most ladies try to come desperate when they know they want something which shouldn't be. Any one who gives him or herself cheap won't be appreciated. You are a special being so you have to make that person to want you back.

Attractiveness can be developed and each and everyone of us have to be attractive at all point in time. Start by putting into practice this few tips and you see your self attracting the right person. Thanks

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