By Omowa Damilola Joseph

Love is like a butterfly
it comes pretty,
and spread its wings to fly
drastically it sense so lovely
to the essence of making us going crazy

it intoxicated, although it is not wine
it pierce deep through the heart like a thorn of pines
it is as glitter as gold,
but that doesn’t stop it from waxing cold

love gives different people different stories to tell,
to some people it is for them as hell
you listened to some you cry
you listen to some and smiles like a city spy
When it comes  to another ,
you beginning to think of not falling in love forever

Is it life that is unfair creating thing unequal,
Or we don’t know anything about love at all?
Maybe we are wrong about love
and the nature of love
I don’t just know
It would be a great task for me if I can figure this out on my own

I am scared of falling in love again
Because of its pain
It showers on me like a morning rain,
yet it seems not to be exist
I don’t want to believe in love
It seems it has gone far,
and always being seen afar
Love is only real in a movie where it is acted
Yet it makes me to Feel so abstracted


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