BOOMERANG(Episode 1)


By Dirim Nella
Episode 1


Chapter 1

 Holly was the daughter of a civil servant father and a mother who is a teacher.And she was the only child,a 300 level student of Microbiology at a prestigious university .She had two friends, Isabella and Victoria but Isabella was the closest to her.Victoria was the fashion freak that could use her last penny to buy what was in vogue as far as it fits her perfectly while Isabella was the partying type.She knows when and where every party in campus happens and who hosts them.
 Although Holly had these outgoing extroverts as her friends, she was an annoying introvert,a bookworm and the mind-my-business kind of lady.Maybe that was because she grew under strict parental guidance or likely  because of her failed relationships.
 The first guy,Jake whom she fell in love with in her first year shattered her world by telling her outrightly that he never had a single feeling for her.Trusting another guy again had almost been impossible but after some months,she moved on and fell in love with Cian who dumped her as well.That made her see herself as a failure ,a lady with a bleak future.Maybe she's right or maybe she's not .

  Victoria closed her book and sighed.She was clearly tired.She lay down on the bed,face facing the ceiling and her hands across her chest . "Holly ,I don tire for this reading.I can't kill myself.GNS 301,cannot come and kill me before my time."
  Holly giggled inaudibly."Looks like someone's ready for Dr.Nnaji.Better read your book except u're ready for an automatic carry-over."
 Victoria burst into peels of laughter as she remembered the stout,scary-looking man."His face alone can make you have carryover." She shrugged as she continued. "He's a beast ,very very wicked.Even if you buy his books,write his assignments and quizzes and fail to sort him, he'll still fail you."
  "You don't need to tell me.Who doesn't know him?"Holly concurred ."He taught us GNS 121."
   "That's the kind of lecturers we have in this school.I can't wait to leave." She said in despair.
   "Sure,there are bad eggs and still,there are good eggs too."Holly replied,turning to the next page of her textbook.
  Victoria nodded affirmatively ." Which course do you have tomorrow?"
  "Microbiology,ma." She scratched her head.
  "I wish you all the best ,babe."
  "Same to you,my love."
  "God no go shame us."
 Their door opened and Isabella walked in briskly,she had books in her hand and her hair looked dishevelled.
  "Hi,girls." She greeted as she threw herself on the bed,just beside Victoria.
 "Welcome."They replied simultaneously.
 "Oh,dear me, my poor feet! How they ache!"
Isabella said as she kicked off her shoes.
 "How was the exam?"Holly asked ,looking up from her book.
 "We don write nah."She looked disturbed and upset."That woman nah winch.You need to see the questions.Holly,you need to see questions."She clicked her fingers."Nobody requested for extra sheet.My foolscap was just blank.Abeg,I no even get strength to talk.Biko,food dey?"
  Her question was met with a silence.
  She stared at them."This one una keep me quiet.Una never chop?"
  Victoria peered at Holly as if taking permission from her before selling her out."Holly never cook o.Nah garri we soak"
   " Which kain yeye garri be that?Holly wetin happen nah?"
   "I still de read.No vex."
   "Really? "
   "Oya no vex,give me thirty minutes let me just round up with this revision questions."
  "No problem."She replied and then ,she began to click her fingers as if trying to remember something."What am I forgetting?".She  tapped her head ."Yes!" .She smiled gleefully. "Guess what?"She got up from the bed.
   "What?" The two other ladies asked with great interest .
    "I'll give you three guesses.Holly, guess"
    "Oooh."Holly pouted.
    "Come on! Have a guess!"
    "You're going out on a date with your boyfriend."
  Isabella frowned."Oh,no.So dumb"
"Toria,make a guess."
"Just tell us.You know I'm not good at guesses."Victoria said
 "Okay, Bennie's hosting a party today.Today's his birthday."
 Victoria began to bounce up and down on the bed.
  "What's the noise for? I'm reading,Toria." Holly complained."We both have exams tomorrow and you're rejoicing over a birthday party to be hosted tonight.Does it mean you won't burn your midnight candles?"
 "Ehn,ehn.Please just let me be."Victoria retorted."I should die because I have exams tomorrow?Biko,Bella gist me."
 "Blessed Mother Holly,all work and no play ,makes Jack a dull___"
 "Boy!"Victoria, replied."We're all going for this party even you.We are no longer kids for crying out loud and we don't need to behave like one.Let's go and cool our heads and calm our nerves."
 "Body no be firewood."Isabella chirped in.
 "But---"Holly started but she was interrupted by Isabella.
  "There's no but .You're coming to the party with us.No excuses." She sighed deeply ."For once,enjoy with others.Enjoy with us.Too much reading is bad for health."
 Holly burst out laughing . "Who told you that one?"
  "I know.It affects you psychologically,weakens your muscles and bones,stresses your eyes and---- ."
 Holly began to choke with laughter."I've heard you ,ma.Save your breath, Miss Health Practitioner."
  "Is that a 'yes'?"Victoria queried.
  The corner of Holly's cheeks dipped in the fountain of her smile ."Yeah".
  The other ladies shrieked as they hug her.
  "Now you come! You'll surely enjoy it,I promise you.C'mon let's get ready."Isabella said as she got up from the bed.She was utterly happy.
  "I can't wait to try my new clothes and shoe  ."That was Victoria-the fashion freak ..

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