BOOMERANG(Episode 2)


By Dirim Nella
Episode 2

It was a cool night and the clubhouse was filled up with students when the three friends arrived.Everywhere was filled with lots of students drinking,dancing and making merry.The spoons and forks clattered.At the far corner of the clubhouse,Bennie sat with his friends over bottles of beer and wine.The three friends found an empty table not too far from where Bennie was sitting with his friends.They sat down as they looked on and chatted away.
  After some minutes,Holly met Bennie's eyes and their eyes locked for some seconds before Holly looked away.Her heart began to skip it's beat.She tried to concentrate on her discussion with her friends.
  On the other hand,Bennie was also lost in thought.'This girl is so beautiful'.It was so easy to notice her because she twinkled like a million stars in that hall.She was an awesome beauty.She had a pair of long,neat and straight legs.A shifty eyes that were half concealed by thick black eyelashes and the fullness of her lips. "Oh,Christ!"He muttered under his breath.
   "Who's that babe?"Bennie asked as he pointed at Holly. "The one on a blue gown".
His two friends began to laugh.
   "What's funny?"He asked,sipping his champagne.
 "You,ofcourse".Desmond replied.
  Benny was utterly confused."How possible is it that the Acid had never set his eyes on this beauty before?"That was Ray.
  Bennie smiled sheepishly and shook his head."I swear,I haven't."
   "It's not compulsory you must know her".Jewel, Ray's girlfriend teased.
   "I need to.And I want to".Bennie was almost sounding desperate."If you don't tell me,I'll find out myself.You all know it's very easy.Just a wink and all the girls will be flocking around me".
  They all knew that was true.He always got what he wanted.He had the most classic babes.He was rich.He had good looks.
  "That's Holly."Desmond replied after awhile."She's my departmental girl but she's a 300level student".

    "Holly?"Bennie sounded somewhat confused."I've never  heard such name in my life.But,I swear,she's a queen".He admitted.
   "She's easily the prettiest girl in the campus".Ray concurred as he took a glimpse at  his watch.
   "She's a lady to look at and once looked at,never easily forgotten". Desmond added.
   "She has to be taken".Bennie replied, looking at the girl lustfully."She's well packaged.She get am."
They all laughed and hailed him except his latest babe,Cindy that was sitting beside him,seething quietly with anger but he didn't care a bit.
  Desmond tapped him slightly on the back with a broad grin on his face."Acid,you have a babe with you nah".He whispered.
  Bennie whispered back."That's her business.I've lost interest in her".He smiled naughily."Holly is the queen of the night and it's either her or no one else".
  Almost immediately,he stood up and patted down his flannel shirt."Excuse me,guys.I've got an important business to attend to."He winked as he walked towards the irresistible Holly.
  "Hello,sweetness".He said to her as he took an empty seat.She took one cautious look at him and frowned her face.
  "Hello,Bennie".The two other ladies greeted and waved frantically.They were overjoyed.
  "Can you spare us some sec,please?"Bennie asked.He winked at them and forced some naira notes into Victoria's hand.
  The two girls got up immediately,smiling happily and left Holly with Bennie ,giving her a thumbs up.
   "Like you've sold me out or bought me?How're my going to put it now?".
   He flashed her his best smile seductively."I was only trying to protect you from the army of vultures looking at you."
   Holly smiled and the vivacity in her smile had the greatest effect on him.
  He was progressing.He smiled within."You know,you shine so much like the morning sun that I'd have asked them to switch off the lights but I'm scared you might disappear".
  He continued,"I'm Bennie Oliseh.The host of this party.You know?"
   "My name is Holly Ugonma Okolie".
   "A nice set of beautiful names for an angel as you".
   "Thank you,the pleasure is mine".She smiled again.
   "Where are you from?"He asked as  she sipped from her mineral water.
   "I'm from Ihite".
   "You don't look like a Nigerian".
"Don't flatter me".Her cheeks dimpled with suppressed laughter.Her dazzling beauty radiated as she burst into peels of laughter, her bewitching gap teeth made her more angelic.
   "Don't laugh,sweetness.I mean it".He wanted to withdraw his statement because he wished to see her laughing."From the very moment,I set my eyes on you.I had watched you in admiration and awe when you entered this hall.I must be frank with you,I felt you were someone special."
  Holly looked on.
    "I've fallen in love with you and I want you to be my girlfriend."He held her hand fondly and kissed the back of her hand."I'll spoil you ,baby.Just say 'yes' to me".
   "I'll give you a try".Holly smiled after listening with rapt attention.It wouldn't be bad having one of the richest guy in campus as her boyfriend.That means she would have the most  flashy wears and items.And if she played her game well,she might end up as his wife.
"Can I have a dance with you?"He held out his hand to her and she took it gently and smiled.They danced as if they were the ones created to dance.
  And by the time the party was over,both of them have gotten so close that one would think they have been lovers long before they met at the party.Before they parted,they exchanged their residential addresses and contacts.

 The introvert found true love?
Anticipate for the next chapter...

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