BOOMERANG(Episode 3)

BOOMERANG(episode 3)

By Dirim Nella

   Again and again,Holly's picture flashed through his mind-rounded hips,ample bosoms,dimpled cheeks, large dreamy eyes, dazzling teeth with bewitching gap,the radiant smile and full sensual lips___.
   "What's keeping her?"Bennie asked himself.
  Few minutes later,a brisk knock resounded through the house.He sat upright on the chair."Holly,is that you?"
   There was silence.
   He stood up,walking majestically towards the door with all his teeth exposed as he yanked the door .He was very sad when it turned out to be another girl. Why are these all these bad lucks coming my path today?He lamented in his mind.
   Some minutes ago,another lady had come to see him.He had met her at the club the previous week and had asked her to come but he was terribly pissed off when she finally showed up that day.There was no other lady he wanted to see if not the irresistible Holly.When the lady,Saphira had tried to persuade him to change his mind,he had angrily shoved her out of the house.
   So when he saw Cindy,his girlfriend standing on his door that afternoon again.He felt nothing but great annoyance and anger.
     "Hello Darling".Cindy said, smiling.
      "Cindy".He replied without interest.
     He stood at the door but Cindy pushed past him and went into the house.
      "Boo,how're you?"Cindy asked as she sank into the sofa.
     "As you can see,I'm doing good".He snorted.
   The icy tone of his voice cut through her skin.
     "Baby,what's the problem?You look so unhappy".
     "Did I say there was any problem?"
      "Then why are you in such a melancholic disposition?"She stood up and gazed up into his eyes.She reached out slowly,her fingers gently touching the crest of his cheek and caressing along the slope of his jaw.
    "Enough,woman!"He shouted, pushing off her hands."Enough of this rank nonsense.I'm just sick and tired of you bugging me.I need you to give me some breathing space,young lady".
     "Aargh!"Cindy was so confused "Bennie,what has come over you?"
    "You're the floozie that's come over me".Bennie fired back."Please,we were in a relationship before,right?Please it's over too.I need to breathe".
       "It's okay."Cindy said in flood of tears."Bennie,I love you and you know that.And you told me that too".
     He shrugged awkwardly."I don't remember exactly what I said.But____"
     "Lies, evasions and excuses that's all I get from you".
      "Look,you're making noise here.Just go".
    Fixing him a withering glare,Cindy muttered under breath."You'll be sorry but I shall make it my business to find out the bitch that's responsible".
    "Goodluck with that".He sneered ."Just go".
   Almost immediately,someone knocked on the door.
     "Who's home?"A feminine voice asked.
   Why oh why do these girls keep disturbing me?Bennie asked himself.
       "I said it,you've found another girl.I'm sorry for the bitch".Cindy swore as she rushed to the door and  opened it.
       "You bloody bitch,"Cindy said,"so it was all you".
       "Excuse me."Holly replied.
     Bennie sat back into the sofa to watch the drama that was about to take place.
       "You were the hag at yesterday's party,right?"
        "Hey".Holly fired back."Enough of that rank nonsense.You better watch your tongue when you talk to me".
         "I should watch my tongue when you're about to snatch my boyfriend". Cindy's eyes were glistening with tears.
      "Your boyfriend?"Holly asked in a mocking tone that cut through Cindy like a sharp knife.But the way she still shifted her gaze to Bennie made him uneasy.
     No,no,I have to put a stop to that before Cindy spoils everything for me.
        "Now,now,girls,it's okay.Don't fight over me".He said."Cindy,please get out".
      Before Cindy could say anything else and ruin his chances,he pushed her out of the house.When he came back ,he tendered an apology to Holly, the lady of the night.

       "You look so breathtakingly beautiful.Turn around".Holly spun around, awaiting his approval."You look absolutely beautiful".
      "Thanks!"Holly was blushing.She was so happy,she hadn't wasted her time for nothing.She had trusted Victoria's dress sense.Toria had insisted she wore that short tight skirt which accentuated every line of her sumptuous figure and the deep blue peplum off-shoulder top exposed a bit of her boobs.Victoria also helped her work her hair into a messy topknot,secured underneath with a claw clip.
   He took her by the hand and led her into his room which was decorated in bright yellow gingham with Peter Rabbit and Tupac's wallpaper.
     "Oh,this room is so lovely".Holly gasped as she gazed around the room,enjoying it's light airiness and coolness.It had black leather furniture,another plasma TV,a bookcase,plate glass mirror and a double dresser.It smelt of light,sweet vanilla.
     "You like the room?"
     "Like?I love it.It's so beautiful".
     "I'm so glad you like it".There was a tinge of pride in his voice.
    He reached out for her hands and kissed her fingertips,and Holly was conscious of an unusual thrill.
    He smiled  at her,"Make yourself comfortable while I get you a drink".He said as he pointed to the bed.
    Holly looked around ,there was no chair in the room so she sat down on the large bed.
      "Which drink do I get you? Iced tea, fresh-brewed coffee,icecream, champagne,whiskey, bourbon,not forgetting chilled water".He said, feeling so ontop of the world.
      "Let me have ice d tea".
      "No,honey".He shook his head vehemently."Was thinking you'd say champagne"."I don't take champagne".
     "Please for my sake".
     "Please,no".Holly insisted."Just get me iced tea".Her request was intentional,she didn't want to get tipsy and do things that are against her wish.She liked Bennie and really wants him for herself but she was not yet ready to sleep with him.
     "Okay ,if you insist,my lady ".Bennie said,interrupting her thoughts.And then took his leave.
    When he left,Holly basked in the beauty of the ambience around her.The floor of the room was awash with lemon-coloured chintz and skyblue marble.Her hand then caressed the crushed velvet-look quilted bedsheet on the bed.She closed her eyes and wished she could just lie down on it and sleep off.It was nothing to be compared with the medium-size bed she shared with her roommates in their one-room apartment.
      Holly sighed deeply and then she heard Bennie clear his throat.
         "Oh,sorry,I didn't hear you come in".
         "Here!"He handed her a mug of iced-tea and some sandwiches which he placed on the side tray."Hmmm,they look so lovely.You made them yourself?"
     "No."He smirked."I can't even boil an egg".
     "Are you serious?"
     "Yeah.They were made by my cook".
    Holly almost got frozen."You have a cook?"
    She couldn't imagine a student having a cook.
      "Yeah.She also help me with the house chores and I pay her for the services."He ran his hand through his hair frantically."And also have an errand boy that helps with the car washing ,trimming flowers and other little stuffs.You know?"
     Holly was too amazed to utter a word."I'm speechless".She began to eat the snacks .
    He took a place beside her as he watched her sip her drink .
       "How do you like it?"
       "I love it.It's sweet".
       "And you're sweet".
      He reached out for her hands and kissed her fingertips again,and a surge of desire filled her.
        "I swear you're very beautiful.You're so lovely and enticing".He said as he grabbed her waist ."Let me confess,I love you,I love you, Holly with every fiber in me".
    The words echoed in her ears and thrilled her heart as she blushed.
        "I love you,I love you with every fibre of my being,and you-you love,yet you refrain".
         "Bennie___".She tried to speak.
       He placed his hand on her lips.
        He held her hand and drew her close to him."Holly,you're the most beautiful, fascinating, adorable and seductive girl I have ever met,the loveliest and most enticing creature ever created".
       Her heart was thrombing as she felt him hold her waist.His bosom was heaving so close to her,his hands were caressing her back."I love you,darling,I love you with all of me.Please,love me".
      "Stop".She told him.
    She couldn't miss the hunger in his eyes.She was crushed close to his breast and suddenly---his soft,fresh lips began covering her face with kisses...they touched her lips.He kissed her  passionately, fiercely and possessively.
        "Please stop". Holly breathed.
      Bennie persisted and continued to explore her lips.Then she began to feel dizzy and her eyes were heavy.

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