Dating in school, is it worth it?


Dating in school, is it worth it 
By henzpen ( Nwakanma Henry)

According to urban dictionary, Dating is where two people who are attracted to each other spend time together to see if they also can stand to be around each other most of the time, if this is successful they develop a relationship, although sometimes a relationship develops anyways if the people can't find anybody else to date them, or are very lonely or one person is only attracted to the other and pretends to be in love with the second unfortunate person who has the misunderstanding that they have found love.

This occurs quite often and eventually leads to something called cheating.
Dating comes with a lot of responsibility and commitment, so first of all you have to ask your self am I ready for this. Not because most of your friend or everyone you see has a date or a partner that will make you to consider looking for a partner also, it has to be a thing from the mind. You have to set your priorities and to know what you want first. Dating has to do with the maturity of mind not only body.

Though, many students have a priority of making good result and graduating with a great  result, but lot of students also look toward meeting the love or their lives as soon as they get admitted into the university. Funny as it may sound,some actually go as far as visualising how handsome or pretty this person would look when they finally meet.

It is very well known that few people who we meet and get into a relationships in school end up together as married couples. On the other hand, majority of these relationships fail at last and won't lead to marriage. Although, being in the university can be an emotional rollercoaster at times when you have series of assignments piled up for you and almost due for submission and you just don't have that time to commit to that relationship.

Or in a situation where by you are to go for a fixed class on Saturday while your partner is calling you to his or her house for something, you are left in this bridge of whether to go or the class or not. So some people just consider it irrelevant to have a date in school.

 Why people have date in school?
Peer group influence: when you are in a group of friend who all have a date, you might be forced to look for a date, whether by your will or against your will. Friends have a major role to play in this.

Social influence: some youth just have that mind set of getting either a boyfriend or girlfriend when they get admitted into the university, while some just have to find their self one in campus maybe just to fill among. Some had a date before getting to the university, so it is just ideal for them to get one.

Maturity: some people are just naturally matured both in mind and in body and have a positive intention on the relationship. The university host a lot of beautiful people, so it is just naturally to find someone you like.

For companion purposes: most student decide to have a date or partner in school just to have someone they could talk to or gist with. They just feel it is ideal to have a companion to whom they could rely on. have you ever heard' weather for two' that moment of imaging your self with a partner.

For the dating skills: have you heard someone telling you that ' you have to have a girlfriend or boyfriend so you could be exposed to the world of dating and love'. Most people just want to grab this opportunity now in school. They just want to learn from it and to be experienced in area like that.

Researchers also found out that even in such large gathering of people, many people just feel like being single.

These are some reason why people don't date
To busy: most people are so busy and feels dating is just a way for distraction. Many student are so focused on their career and in their book that they don't have time to even date or to be in a relationship. This kind of student are mostly advised by their parent before coming to school.

Break up: Not only girls have this fear of break up, even guys. They feel they don't want to pass through that rough road of break up either through experience of past relationship and even the novice are still scared maybe because of stories they heard or movies they have watched. I have ask many girls and most of their reason for not being in a relationship is the heart breaks. Ladies is that true?.

Finance: most guys know the major source of their income is through their parent, so they just feel they can't be giving or spend on another person from the little they are getting. Those kind of guys are more in the university and most times handsome and friendly but you wouldn't see them with a date. They might have female friend but not a partner.

• Lack of confidence: most people especially boys don't have that confidence to approach a girl and just start talking to her so they prefer to be single and lonely. They are classified as the ' *shy type'.* they might have money or be mature but they are just to shy to even start a conversation. This kind of people just silently fantasy or imagine hanging out with that person.

Godly type: *put God first in all you do*. Every one has to prioritize the things of God first before anything. So must people just look at the dating world as a waste of time and a way to fall into temptation, so they just avoid it. Rather they attend fellowship and programs to keep them busy. This kind of people may have opposite sex as friend but not as an intimate friend.

So this are the pros and cons of dating and many people have different reading to it. It may work for someone but it may not work for you, so you need to know what you want at that point in time.
Other person might know how to balance the life with their studies but you might not. Don't live others life, live yours.


Nwakanma Henry Chibuikem( henzpen) is a writer, an author, and a poet. Hails from isuikwato in abia state. A 200 level student of micheal okpara university of agriculture umudike umuahia abia state.
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