Shadows-Dark Pride

By Joseph Peace
Episode 3

The police duct tape came into view as Omar drove into the alley, he parked his helux beside the trash bin and walked down to the crime scene.the paramedics and the forensic were taking pictures, putting possible evidences into the evidence bag. Some officers stood at side watching the site, one was bent down by the walkway vomiting up his guts
 'Newbie' Omar reasoned. He crossed the tape raising up his badge to an approaching officer who nodded and gave way
 'What do we have here today' taking his small ever present jotter and pen from his pocket
 'Good day detective' The discovery Officer greeted him
 'Pump me up Marcus'
 ’janet brown, aged 25, brown eyes,blonde hair,5.2ft tall, found,her ID, 3 packs of condom,a pack of cigarette,lipstick and a few bucks in her purse.From all indication a prostitute, was found dead here 20mimutes ago' 
Omar bent down and started studying the dead woman's exterior critically.
 'What did forensic team observe as the cause of death'
 'No results yet they were just unpacking when you arrived'
 'Okay, they can begin now, I need possible fingerprints,materials containing DNA samples, anything that will be useful'_ just as he was standing up his eyes fell on blood underneath the deceased head
 Putting his jotter into his pocket, he put on his gloves and tried turning the lady sidewards to see the source of blood
 'What the fuck,What sick motherfucker did this'_ Marcus, the Officer close to Omar said clutching his hand to his mouth, his face looked like he's gonna get very sick
 'Oh my God' the Officer by the side walk grunted as he threw up some more just that this time he had two more colleagues
 'This is crazy'_ Omar said through clenched teeth
The sight was such a gruesome one, the lady's back has been torn up by perhaps a rigged knife as the edges were not smooth.from what he could see her entire Abdominal internals were missing except crushed intestine that had white maggots moving through them.her supposed spine and rib cage had been opened up like it was a mouse trap.
Turning the body back he signalled the forensic team to come have a look
 'You said this body was found here this evening'? Omar asked Marcus as he pulled off his gloves
 'Yes it was by 10pm the distress call came in. May I know why you are asking?'
 'Cos though the body and blood looks very fresh I don't understand why it's already worm I can't think of any logical explanation for it'
 'Well that's true, let the experts on humans do their job then we will know what kind of serial killer we're dealing with'
 'Who called in to complain'
 'One Mr. Mickey, he lives up there'_ pointing up to the building directly opposite the crime scene _'he said he heard loud screaming but was too scared to check it out so he called the cops'
 'Okay' Omar murmured absent mindedly as his eyes fell on something close to the dead lady,uncounsiously he reached for his phone and turned on the flash light.there on the floor right above the deceased head was something like a sign or symbol written in most likely the dead girl's blood,then some kind of residue was used to create like a pathway above it which widened into a circle with another symbol inside, on a closer look the residue looked brain matter.
 'Come see this Marcus' he motioned at the officer as he took pictures
 'Is that brain...damn I hate psycho serial killer cases' marcus spat out with a grim face.

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Udemadu said…
Who must have killed that girl in cold blood🥺