How to Thrive in a World of Uncertainties

How to Thrive in a World of Uncertainties
How to Thrive in a World of Uncertainties

By Ukwuoma Ifunanya

In the world today, several events that we never really planned for tend to hit us almost on a daily basis, and one thing about this is the realization that some of the things we never planned  for, when they meet us,  can either break us or make us.

I mean talk about the COVID 19; I'm very sure that if someone had walked up to you a few months back , and let you in on some of the recent occurrences that can be attributed to the pandemic, you wouldn't really go all easy on them right?  Well, that's the world we live in; a world filled with uncertainties. Ideally, we humans have been wired in a very beautiful way that let's adapt quickly to every situation despite how hard it might seem.

Here in this article, I share with you some of the steps that can help you hack right through the confusions that are bound to happen. Let's get to it;

1. Acquire a new knowledge

One of the easiest ways to take your mind off worries is to fill it with new profitable or positive information at least every day. Learn to learn. Learning new things today shouldn't be such a hard task as We are absolutely lucky to be presented with easy learning opportunities which include; Google, YouTube, e-books, etc. People who created these opportunities understood that a time will come when we'd be needing handy materials to refill our brains, and there's no better time than now.

2. Create and have fun!

The idea of fun can mean very different things to different people but it doesn't stop the fact that we all have a definition of fun. Fun could be just you having a great time with music, having that chatty hour with your sibling (s), or even having a time out with friends. Whatever you choose to classify as fun, just ensure that you take out time to create and have it. You can't easily do away with the "all work and no play…" saying, would you?

3. Be open to new opportunities

You should understand that having different options to choose from automatically makes you stand out from every other person most times. This is because letting yourself try out new opportunities creates an avenue of new learnings and new experiences; it's one of the key strategies of surviving life.  Stop trying to limit yourself to just one option all the time.

4. Save for the rainy day

The importance of this can't be understated, you already know this. Spend your money all you want but do not forget that setting some part of it aside gives you something to hold onto when the chips are finally down. Nurture this habit; it's going to prove very useful.

5. Stop Procrastinating; start  taking  actions

This here happens to be a problem that a lot of people are faced with. Procrastination is a time killer; you must learn to form a distance with it. Don't you think it's time to stop reading about how to "write a story" and actually get to writing a story? How about that skill you've been trying to acquire, what really is keeping you from proceeding with it? One of the key factors that encourage procrastination is staying loyal to your " comfort zone" and the last time I checked, many high achievers of today had to step out of their comfort zones. Stop Procrastinating, learn the art of taking action.

We can't really control what happens with life but like I mentioned earlier, adapting to the world's uncertainties is something humans try to do every day. These few steps I hope if carefully followed will help us do better with life.

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