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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Íkókò mí !

Íkókò mí !

Ólólúfé, you promised to always be my lover
And that tìtí lài, we'll be together
Please, I beg of thee, don't walk through that door
Íwó ní íkókò tí ó gbòdó fó

Àyanfé, you said you'll never leave my side
Could it be that all these times you lied?
Remember the oath we swore
Íwó ní íkókò tí ó gbòdó fó

What is my backyard without your song
Or my kitchen without the sounds of you ódò,all day long
Don't leave me, my heart would be at war
Íwó ní íkókò tí ó gbòdó fó

Forsake me, and my life would be like the íyó that has lost its essence
Leave me, and I'll forever mourn your absence
Whatever I did, I promise to do it no more
Íwó ní íkókò tí ó gbòdó fó

©The wordful pen

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