Lost in lust

Lost in lust
Lost in lust

By Poetified Vic Thor ✍️✍️

Message to the lady;
Hymen broken, pride, everything, LOST
Substance gone, because you put pleasures FIRST
Momma's words flashing through your MEMORIES
You're feeling remorseful after dancing to lust's MELODIES

To the guy;
You were unleashed a little, now you've emptied HER
Just so you know, prepare to be a FATHER
With the relish you had with her then, take care of your KID(S)
Never you try to run away from the result of your careless DEED(S)

To the lady;
You opened your brains, while he filled them with LIES
You happily devoured whatever it is he BUYS
Now, you're coming with regrets and CRIES
And with stories to tell, and swollen EYES

To the guy;
You tried to win her over, and you DID
Everyone warned, but you didn't HEED
You got what you wanted,  but you ruined HER
Leaving in her heart, a permanent SCAR

To them both;
Sort yourselves out, the vehicle of you lives, you must STEER
The reality of life, exposed to you, so GLARE
So, all it's sufferings, you must BEAR

© Poetified Vic Thor ✍️✍️b

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