By Omowa Damilola Joseph

Even though we don’t know what love have for us,
Yet we never stop falling in love, even when it’s dangerous
Our  feelings, our emotions, and  heart beats every seconds
Searching for whom to cling to

It get some into trouble
And to some it gives joy in double
The broken home, result of faded love
That’s when things begin to falling apart
And the love is no more in our hearts

I was happy I found my love
You were happy you found your love
We found each other
We took each other

Now to the altar,
We were both joined together
We promised we would love Each other forever,
Until the death do us part,
We would never depart.

Broken home
Love begins to fade like  a glimmers of light
I don’t think we can cope, we both said
Do we think what we are doing is right?
None of us could ask

Altar promises got broken
The wall of our marriage was widely opened
The marriage that started with sweet melody
Now turn out to end up in malady

Children in pains
Momma’s love turns out with no gain
Papa’s love has gone
None of them cares what could be done
Children’s life in danger
as their future got shattered in our anger
They turned out to become a beggar,
As no one cares for their hunger

I will go with you papa,
I will go with you momma
Their love they shared among themselves
As you both shared the love between yourselves

The love for ourselves demised,
And ourselves we couldn’t recognized

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