Black awakening!

Black awakening!

By Japheth David

The crisp power behind the word 'Sah', sounds more palatable to the hearing of Okeoma and as such, he really preferred calling that to his Master ...

"My good man, call me Ihejirika. Sir is arbitrary. You'd be the sir tomorrow. But Ihejirika will always be my name."

Okeoma stare at him doubtfully. "Yes, sah - Ihejirika."
For a moment, he considers his Master a little bit crazy ... "He reads too much and talks to himself loudly insides his study and often do not return greetings, mostly from unfamiliar faces."

"Oh yes," Master pointed with his pen on the unfolded paper stretched across the dining table.

"This is our world, although the people who drew this map decided to put their own land on top of ours. There is no top or bottom, you see." Master said as he picked up the paper to fold it, "nee anya nwoke m, our world is round, it never ends."

Education is a priority! And Fidel Castro understood that, which was why he'd beat Americans at their own game!
Chere ka m juo gi! Master snapped and then, in English, How can we resist exploitation if we don't have the tools to understand exploitation?

Okeoma did not entirely understand Master's conversation, but it didn't matter. All he needed was the deep voice, the melody of the English-inflected Igbo, and the glint of the thick eyeglasses like that of the bottom of Coca cola bottle 😁.

"How long ago did you drop out of standard three?" Master asked.

"Many years now, sah. But I learn everything very fast!" Those were Okeoma's favorite words, "I learn everything fast, 'osiso-osiso.'"

Master nodded slowly. "Even if your father's crops failed, he should have find one of his kinsmen to lend him your school fees.

As Igbos, we live by a mantra "onuru mkpu nwanne agbakwala oso" - when you hear your brother crying don't run away!
Did you know?

• That 14 francophone countries are obliged to put 50% of their foreign exchange reserves at the Bank of France, and can only use 15% yearly, or pay to use their own money.

I asked, how is this okay, that the world has watched France take cold hard cash out of Africa? How is this okay, that Africa continues to be exploited to this extent?

For a "continent that doesn't have a single gun manufacturing company," but seems to have endless of gun supply. How? I want to know.

My fellow 'Contreymen', that is our reality as black people and only we can change that!

PS: A stable Africa is Africa that cannot be exploited.

It doesn't end with just a conversation about corruption in Africa or Nigeria, the bigger corruption and exploitation in Africa is coming from outside.

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