By Ture

A piece from me to you. What will be of Ada if she has not been friends with Ade? Ada took it upon herself to love and respect Ade no matter what comes inbetween the relationship and has always been forced to leave the relationship due to the Physical and Verbal abuse rained on her by Ade.

 Ada never thought that she would one day be what she is now. It all  started when she gained admission into the university to study Psychology.
Holding up all norms and good teachings from her parents in other to guide her ordnance and path through out her stay in the university, not until one day on her way back from school a gentle man which happens to be a Student also came across her, she never gave consent to him even after he called on her attention severally, the good girl Ada snubed him.

Ada usually sits under a tree close to her classroom and everyday Ada sees how girls in the university flunts expensive hairs, phones jeweries, bags shoes and clothes, the young girl was inspired to give her shot on the sweet flashy things she has always been attracted to forgetting where she was coming from.

One faithful evening Ada pretended to be sick to get the attention of good looking young men around, in the same scene a Tall good looking Yound man by name Ade approached Ada saying.."How then can a flower that patiently wait for the sun to express her beauty will see the sun and dont bring forth its beauty"?

 Ada responded, "no matter how strong the lion is it can never withstand the fall of a tree on his head" the worse has happened 'in tears' she said "i have lost the most  precious stone that targets the fruits off the tree". Come with me then let me prepare you comfort and safe stay in the arms of my simplicity and in the beauty of my unending comfort the Ade reacted.  Ada then followed him to his beautiful rented Apartment off campus for rest and comfort.

Many months past, she has already started staying with him claiming to be going through serious financial constraints and that she needed him to help her so she can complete her schooling even when her parents often sends her money for upkeep Ada pretended to Ade that he was her only option of survival.

Sadly  every other morning was like a rainy day even in summer time as Ada get sexually harassed and Brutally beaten by the Ade the tall rich handsome guy. Ada couldn't react because she was already pregnant for him after doing 4 different abortions already. Not that there was no where else for her to go to but she was blinded by her social media love thinking if she leaves him, she won't be able to meet up her class she has already attained on social media because there will no longer be enough money for her to keep up her desired status so she decided to stay even when the pregnancy was barely 1month old.
She ignored social organisations and school fellowships activities because of her way of life even tho she wasn't a prostitute.
Ada was serious attached by the flasy things she was after not minding the level of beaten and rejection the guy has shown her.

 They stayed together as couple but lived as a cat and a dog. Ade never loved Ada, Ade wanted to flirt with her as the thing she usually do with his influential height and Handsomeness not knowing that on Ada's case was a different story, he couldn't chase her out becuase of all the faulse story Ada already told him but still couldn't love her as it was against his big boy routine so all he did was molest her and make her feel less of herself hoping that she will be fed up and one day leave for death while Ada was enduring hoping that he would change and he will be the man he preached. Everyday was same day until Ada fell sick on the second month of her pregnancy, they went to the Hospital and Doctor warned that the last 4 abortions they have done has already spoilt Ada's womb and that any further Abortion will kill her.  that was where i started wondering what will happen to Ada when Ade ran out of the country without graduating.

The day went by as Ada lived in Pains after leaving school due to her pregnancy and on the day of Delivery Ada Died giving birth because her womb was already damaged due to the several Abortions done to please Ade.

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