Consciously or unconsciously the friends you keep has a great impact in your life
Consciously or subconsciously the friends you keep has a great impact in your life

Few days ago, I was thinking of how I started this journey I am on currently.

Searching deeply to know the day I made a new resolution from the lady who doesn't want anyone to notice her to a lady who now loves to influence the whole world.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the particular day!

What happened? How did I become this?

Boom! I can remember.

My mindset started changing the moment I started walking with an influencer, he never sat me down for sessions about being a better lady but our productive gists and what he does influenced me without me knowing.

My mind already tapped the anointing and my body started manifesting before I could say A.

Today, I am super grateful I have such being in my cycle.

How have your friends influenced you?

Maybe you've been exhibiting what you learnt from your friends even without your knowledge!

Examine the changes in your life.

Good or bad changes?

When did they started?

Who ignited the changes?

Examine the cycle you keep and the impacts in your life.

You can't be a friend to someone with no destination and expect to reach your own destination timely!

Weed out those friends that have no positive impact in your life and stick to the ones that are impacting your lives positively and also learning from you.

If none of your friends is impacting you positively, it's time to withdraw!

Consciously or subconsciously, the friends you keep have a great impact in your life.


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