Wishes in TEARS

Wishes in TEARS

I wish I was the one by your SIDE
I wanted to walk up here to you, I really TRIED
I guess I'm not man enough, I'm not worthy to be with YOU
But the little love I had for you grew and GREW

It hurts seeing you with another GUY
And me watching from afar,like a confused SPY
It's weird that I can't still tell you how I FEEL
Though my heart has refused to HEAL

I asked a few friends about YOU
They said few things, little CLUES
Your name,and your phone NUMBER
I was taking every step to be your LOVER

But then,my allergies,my phobia, CAME
My emotions started playing me bad GAMES
I couldn't talk to you,couldn't accomplish my AIM
My "ego" went up all in FLAMES

But now,I wish I was with YOU
What a sad thing to DO

© Poetified Vic Thor ✍️✍️

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