You and Time


By Omowa Damilola Joseph

What is time?
What can you say about TIME?
Some says time doesn't exist
My dictionary says
"Time is the inevitable progression
in to the future with passing of
present event into the past"
Whatever definition you gives it,
did you know TIME determine your
past, your present and your future?
TIME, a very powerful tool for every
God is never a cheater, He gives as
much as possible TIME to every human,
but based on how you use yours.
The question is "what do you do with
your TIME?"
I mean,
"TIME doesn't have legs, yet it moves faster
waiting for nobody
It doesn't have wings, yet it flies,
even faster than any jet
TIME is valuable yet it is free"
Time! Time!! Time!!!
Damilola is saying
"It's just a four letters word
That can make your life better,
A four letters word that can
ruin your latter,
four letters word that makes the wise
happy when they have it
and four letters word that makes the fool
cries when they lost it"
Harvey Mackay said and I quote
"TIME is free,
but it's priceless
You can't own it
but you can use it
You can't keep it
but you can spend it
Once you have lost it
you can never get it back"
Whatever definition you give to time,
Either you believe it exists or not
"use your time to impact the world
Use your time to give those words
That could change the world
Use your time to impact other's lives
Use your time to make it live"
It is painful when you later discovered
you have really wasted your valuable time.
Never wasted your time
make it valuable.
[Love you all]

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